Environmental Conservation Organization friendly solar toilets proposed in Guntur city

By | February 8, 2016

Environmental Conservation Organization (Eco) friendly solar toilets proposed in Guntur city

Guntur: The solar powered Namma (our) eco friendly toilets are proposed resolve the peeing difficulties of the public in Guntur city. The Guntur Municipal Corporation (GMC), despite conducting various cleam and green programmes, still does not have public urinals which is troubling nearly one lakh people who visit the district headquarter everyday for various works.

Eco-friendly solar toilets proposed in Guntur city

There are only a few Sulabh complexes and the people are demanding public urinals in all important centers of the city. The GMC primarily decided to start 30 solar powered eco-friendly Namma toiles in various centres of the city.

The mine community toilets operative by the Sulabh International near bus-stand, Naaz centre, railway station, in Arundalpeta and Brodipeta areas of the Guntur city are failing to cater to the needs of the public.

The GMC is working to restrain open defecation in the city, hence promoting individual latrines in the slums, but failing to avoid public urinating on the roads. The GMC conducted cleaning programmes under Swachch Bharat butnoone triedto provide public urinals which is a must in the city.

The locals are lamenting that there are no public urinals on the 3 km distance from NTR bus-station to Gandhi Park and further Arundalpeta to Chandramoulinagar, Gorantla and Amaravati Road and majority of the main roads of the city are becoming dirty due to open peeing. They said that people are forced to pee on the margins of the road turning the city dirty.

The GMC officials selected 30 places in the city to start Namma toilets. Representative of Namma Toilets organisation, Mr Krishna Mohan said that Namma toilets would be constructed by using modern technology under which bricks and stone would not be used and solar panels would be used for power supply.

GMC medical health officer M. Nageswara Rao said that Namma toilets would be constructed at Arundalpeta, Gandhi Park, Palnadu bus stand, Market centre, BR Stadium, Manipuram flyover and other areas of the city.

Note : – The solar-based eco-friendly Namma toilets being built by the Guntur Municipal Corporation in the city aiming at redefine the urban public sanitation.

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