AP : Engineer uses technology to lift house, Save & 15 lakh

By | December 19, 2015

AP : Engineer uses technology to lift house, Save & 15 lakh

Engineer uses technology to lift house

Guntur : This might seem like a scene out of the animation film, Up (2009), where the central character’s house gets lifted up into the sky by a bunch of balloons. In Guntur though, people who find their house or building has lost height due to the municipal corporation’s periodic raising of the level of the road by recarpeting it, are resorting to technology to have the whole structure lifted up intact. G.V. Seshagiri Rao, an engineer, who built his house in 1989 and wanted it raised by 3 feet, adopted the jack-lifting procedure, whereby a two-storeyed structure, weighing nearly 50 tonnes, was lifted up.

He said that the road was on a lower level when he constructed the house, but later, the Guntur Municipal Corporation recarpeted it several times and thus the level of the basement became lower than the level of the road. He said that drainage and rainwater was getting stagnated on the ground floor.

240 jacks were used to gradually lifting the house by 3 feet in five days without damage.

Mr Rao first contemplated demolition and reconstruction of the house before come to learn of this method. After contacting various companies, he finally asked Mamchand and Sons of Haryana, whose Chennai branch agreed to lift the house in 23 days for Rs 5 lakh, which was a huge saving of about Rs 15 lakh if he had opted to rebuild. The procedure involved 240 jacks being fitted beneath the basement beam and four sides and gradually lifting the house up by 3 feet in the course of five days without incurring any damage.

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