Doodle to Unlock Your Smartphone Soon

By | March 12, 2016

Doodle to Unlock Your Smartphone Soon

Soon, you will be able to log in your smart phone device with doodling using one or more fingers or using the sweeping gestures. Recently, few researchers the Rutgers University in the United States have made their first study on the free form of gesture passwords for the smart phone in the field.

Doodle to Unlock Your Smartphone Soon

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Researches about Free-Form Gestures Passwords

Researchers have stated that, this free form of gesture passwords will help the people for drawing the passwords of any shape using any number of fingers they want to use. They also added that, the results of this study when combined up with the past studies revealed that these free-form gestures are the very good and serious alternative for the text password or other login methods particularly for the smart phones or mobile devices.

Free-Form gesture passwords are more suitable for the touch screen smart phones. They are easy to remember as well as faster for using and tough to guess too.

Others about these Free-From Gesture Passwords

Janne Lindqvist of Rutgers University had said that, putting off people from hacking the Smartphone devices has been a major problem these days and it has become even more crucial as people used for carrying their smart phones wherever they want. He too added that, by getting access to the someone’s smart phone will give lots of details about that person and will make them exposed for various kinds of attacks whether it can be financially or leads to consequences.

About the Study

The short comings of the past studies such as limited password space, slow entry and susceptibility to “shoulder surfing” shows that the passwords or PINs are difficult for using which led to this new study in which 91 people have used this free-form gestures every day with the software that was installed on the Android apps. The results of the study have shown that susceptibility to “shoulder surfing” 49.28 per cent of the people preferred shapes, 24.07 percent preferred letters and 15.76 percent gesture passwords versus lines. The participants who have used the single finger gestures are more compared to multi-finger gestures and the percentage is 93.62. The participants who have used this gesture passwords took very less time to login compared to those who have created passwords. So, these free-form gesture passwords are said to be used for smart phones and expanded to tablets and laptops too.

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