By | August 22, 2016


Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidus plans to host National and Olympic Games in the state when it has no infrastructure facilities have raised many eyebrows in sports and political circles.

a.p stadium

The state government has offered to bid for the National Games when the state issorely lacking insports stadia and other facilities. The Chief Minister also announced his aim to host the Olympic Games in Amarawati, a statement that has stirred debate and criticism as it seems to be in the realms of a distant dream. The CM’s intention is to put the state in the limelight, particularly after Sindhu won the silver medal in the Olympics.

The state government has set its sights on conducting the National Games in 2019 in Andhra Pradesh and the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) recently submitted its credentials and confirmation to the Indian Olympics Association. In Andhra Pradesh, Vizag city alone has an international stadium facility and Vijayawada and Puttaparthi have regular stadiums, which are also suitable for mega events, but they were not constructed for organizing international-standard sports events.

As per AP’s sports policy, now the state government is constructing stadiums in every district, but these are meant to be utilised for training purposes only. The creation of sports infrastructure is a big challenge for a funds-starved government that has first to construct its capital city. The funds required for conducting the National Games will be considerable, and how the government will manage to host these events, wondered PCC official spokesperson Kolanukonda Sivaji.

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