Brain dead MAN gives life to WOMAN to live by donating his HEART

By | October 5, 2016

Brain dead gives life to woman

GUNTUR, OCT. 4: A brain dead person gave life to a Woman by donating his heart in the GGH at Guntur on Tuesday. The heart was shifted to Guntur from Nellore through helicopter and further to the GGH through green channel.

A 35-year-old O.Subba Reddy of Prakasam district was severely injured in a road accident and was admitted to Narayana Hospital at Nellore. The doctors tried their best but in vain and the doctors declared Subba Reddy as brain dead.

The family members decided to donate his organs. Hence, the GGH doctors contacted the family members for heart donation for 28-year-old Hiramium Bai Of Kurnool suffering from cardiac myopathy at the GGH.

Brain dead gives life to woman

Brain dead gives life to woman

GGH resident medical officer Dr Ramesh said that cardiac myopathy Was not curable and heart transplantation is the only remedy. He said that the heart was shifted through helicopter to Guntur and to GGH through green channel with the help of the police department. He mentioned that Rs30 lakh Would have to be spent for heart transplantation, but the GGH is performing the surgery free of cost.

Dr Ramesh said that Sahrudaya Trust under public-private partnership (PPP) mode for free of cost is conducting the heart transplantation. He mentioned that a team of doctors led by Dr A.G.K. Gokhale with Dr Srinivasulu, Dr Bhardwaj, Dr Subramanyam, Dr Sudhakar, Dr Chiranjeevi, Dr Sridevi and Dr Hanuman Naik are performing the heart transplantation.

Dr Ramesh said that the heart transplantation was started at 5 pm and it would take six to seven hours.

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