Black sheep keep off Eamcet out of fear

By | September 13, 2016

Black sheep keep off Eamcet out of fear

HYDERABAD, Sept. 12: Most students who had secured top ranks through unfair means in EamCet-2 sat Out Eamcet-3.

According to sources, more than 90 per cent of students who are under the CID Scanner for the EamCet-2 leak Scam did not turn up at the examination centres.


The investigation agency suspects that around 250 students benefited from the leakage.

“Tainted students were allowed to reappear since no FIR was filed. They had two options, either Write the exam and repeat their performance, or skip the test. Writing the test would have let the World know their real talent (or lack of it), so they took the other alternative,” an official said.

A close Watch was kept on the ta inted students who were allotted centres in Hyderabad and Warangal. But they shied away from writing the exam.

Police officials of from the law and Order, intelligence, special branch had intensified their vigil on leading coaching centres in the last few days leading to the exam. Unprecedented security was in place for Eamcet-3.

Experts felt that the students and their parents had done their homework regarding the possibilities Of how their individual cases Would stand if they wrote or skipped the test.

“They can give reasons like they were not in a good frame of mind to study due to the interrogation or might even say they were depressed due to cancellation of their ranks in Eamcet-2 and hence could not study as desired. Writing the exam and not securing a rank would mean that their case would become Weak,” said High Court advocate M. Rajender Reddy.

  • 3 56,153: Hall-tickets prepared.
  • 40,630: Hall-tickets downloaded.
  • 37,199: Candidates attended.
  • 66.25: Total attendance percentage.
  • 92: Percentagę of Students Who downloaded students and took the exam

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