Bad roads lead to traffic snarls in Guntur

By | February 9, 2016

Bad roads lead to traffic snarls in Guntur

People in Guntur are facing a lot of inconvenience with almost the entire city being dug up for laying water pipelines. The damaged roads are not only causing inconvenience to commuters but also leading to traffic snarls. The pipeline works were started to provide drinking water to the citizens 24×7 in the city.

Bad roads lead to traffic snarls in Guntur

Two years ago, Megha Engineering Private Ltd and NCC took up the works at an estimated cost of Rs 420 crore but could not complete the works on time. So the GMC is likely to extend the schedule by another 10 months for completion of the works to both the companies.

The works were divided into two packages. Under Package -I, untreated water should be brought to Takkellapadu from Undavalli on the banks of River Krishna. This water would then be treated and supplied to the city. Works under the Package-I are being done by NCC company and it has to lay pipelines for 29 km.

The Package-2 was given to Megha Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and this company has to lay pipelines in the entire city for a length of 320 km. For this, almost all the roads in the city have been dug up.

GMC commissioner S. Naga Lakshmi said they had directed the contractors to complete the works as early as possible. The engineering officials of the Corporation said there are plans to lay the underground drainage system, before repairing the roads.

The officials are of the opinion that if the repair works are postponed for sometime, till the underground drainage system is laid, they can save the money and use the same be taken up with an estimated completion of works, mated cost of Rs 1,000 crore, The drainage works would officials informed.

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