At 39k, Latest iPhone’s Price Could be ‘Too High’

By | March 23, 2016

At 39k, Latest iPhone’s Price Could be ‘Too High’

With the recent release of the Apple’s new iPhone, experts and few reports suggests that this new iPhone would not make much business in the country India and is expected to be proved to be a damper. The latest iPhone SE starting at Rs 39,000 would cost more than that of the existing price of the iPhone 5S which is said to be cheapest iPhone from Apple as of now  and it will be a on a similarity with the flagship 6S smart phones.

At 39k, Latest iPhone's Price Could be 'Too High'

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About New iPhone SE and Its Price Tag

While this new iPhone SE is said to be the cheaper version of the world’s most targeted Smartphone, Apple said that, iPhone SE would come with the latest technology but it will have only 4-inch display, a factor which most section of the users like it, particularly in the huge-volume of Chinese market.

Though Apple has announced the price tag of this smart phone in United States as $399, which in Indian currency it is Rs 27,000, the firm has determined for charging the hefty 47% premium, after including its import responsibility along with the other logistical costs which by totaling this iPhone SE price is India will cost beginning at 39K which is too high compared to iPhone 5S having very good features compared to the iPhone SE.  It is said by the Apple that the pre-orders for the new iPhone SE will start from 29th of March, and deliveries will start from 8th of April.

Price and Features Comparison of iPhone SE with Past Versions

iPhone 5S has a price a bit lower than the SE i.e., Rs 18,000 on most e-commerce platforms and that comes with 16GB (4-inch display), when considered it is a highly attractive for this. Whereas, the bigger screen (4.7-inch) iPhone 6 – 16GB version costs nearly Rs 31,000, and the new iPhone 6S costs about Rs 40,500 which when compared to SE these past versions have better features. So, many people were considering this 39K for the iPhone SE is too high.

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