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new Grand Theft Auto is near GTA 6 release date news

Dec 24, 2019 by William Lewis.

What does the rock star say about GTA 6 on the record?

The former president of Rockstar North teased the entry of the next series in a four-part interview with Develop magazine in 2013, which launched an online rumor mill. "We do not know what the GTA 6 will be, but we have some ideas," said Benz, in the interview. We will select the correct one. It comes before the idea. Where will be decided is the first question. This is followed by a description of the missions. You're doing different things in LD than in New York or Miami. Maps and stories work together, and storytelling is the basic flow of how it works so you can keep the mission in place. " Of course, Benzz did not provide much information on the format of GTA 6 and recently left Rockstar North in reasonably difficult conditions. However, it is unlikely that Rockstar will overturn the GTA Series trial and trial development process, creating a world with first-hand characters and structures at the top. GTA 5 was created by 1000+ developers around the world, so changing this template would be a daunting step. Perhaps this place is already set up: we talked to a software provider at E3 2015, speaking at the discretion, who suggested that work on GTA 6 was already underway

When will the GTA 6 release date be?GTA 6 release Date

Long story short: If Rockstar confirms GTA 6 certification Red Dead Redemption 2 the next day (October 26, 2018 - put it in your diary), then the historical delay between console GTA announcements and release Based on this, we will be waiting. Twenty-two months - so August 2020. The rock star didn't do that and already said don't expect to hear anything in 2019. This means that the release of 'Fall' 2020 seems more likely. You can see the difference between announcing and releasing previous GTA console games below (we're ignoring handheld versions).

Will we finally get a female star as one of the GTA 6 characters?

GTA 6 relase dateThe logic and increasing social/political momentum suggests that there will be at least one female role in GTA 6. In GTA 5, you play the role of three male characters - Trevor, Michael and Franklin, but even though there are critical female side characters, you never got to play as one. When asked about it in 2013, rock star co-founder and GTA lead leader Dan Hauser told The Guardian that the team "didn't think about it this time". "That doesn't mean we can't or we won't. This character set is precisely what came to us: it wasn't like, 'We've got X and Y, so we need Z'." - We weren't trying to get it off the checklist. "In the future, can we play any game with the female lead? Of course. We haven't found the right match for it yet, but this is one of the things we always think about. It didn't feel natural, but certainly for the right match in the future - with the right themes, it might be fantastic. But for the GTA 5, this was the organic thing that came out, this character That will reflect the items we want to think about. " Could it be? No rock star is ever ashamed of controversy - as a race capable of representing 50 generations of a human being can be considered controversial - and the growing social momentum for women's main character (and thus financial) Required) Practically occurs. However, we would be surprised if we didn't even offer male players in the series based on the GTA 5's multi-character model. Wild guesses? The first GTA 6 trailer will suggest that you play entirely as a female character - effectively throwing the Hornet's nest into less-developed online communities. that thing will change big history of Hot Coffee and the Stripper Mini-Games series 'History' for female players.