4 Reasons Should Never Use Your Personal Number for Your Business

In this 21st century, almost every person has their personal phone numbers. If you are thinking of starting a business, you might think of using your personal number for your business until the time when your business is well established. Since people can reach you through your personal number, then you may find buying a second number to be used for business matters as a complicated move.

Maybe you might be thinking that there are more expenses associated with having a second number for business matters. Chances are that you might be thinking that you must have a second phone to enable you to have a second number for your business matters only. But with a calling app, you can have your personal number and your business number all in one phone,  so you don’t have to stress yourself busing a second mobile phone.

There are downsides associated with Never Use Your Personal Number for Your Business matters which we have compiled in our article below.

1. Using your personal phone number for business matters will be compromising your privacy

Phone numbers are private pieces of information. What am I trying to say? Your personal number is registered under your name and it contains all your private and personal information such as your real names and to some extent your ID number and any other personal information that you have used to register your personal number. By using your personal number for business matters, you will be raising the chances of your personal life blending together with your work. This means that you will experience distractions from calls made by your clients every minute. Having two lines offers you an extra layer of security.

2General Chat Chat Lounge Employee and customer interaction can be uncontrollable

Let’s take an example that you are a business owner who employs multiple employees. If you allow clients to use your personal numbers when handling them, it may be difficult to control certain areas of your business. In order to grow your business, it is important to track all business activities in your business.how they interact and how they interact. What problems do you face in providing solutions to your users? In fact, it will also give them the opportunity to sell goods and services at a higher price than necessary and pocket the difference. Plus, your employees can decide to negotiate direct deals with your customers without your consent, thus becoming a competitor to your business. To avoid all this curse, it’s good to have a separate phone number for all of your business affairs.

your. Using a personal phone number for your business makes it difficult to convert to a different number, especially after your business is established.

At this point, you’ll find yourself at an intersection. The choice you will face is to change your personal phone number and inform all your friends and relatives or change your business number and tell all your clients and employees that You have changed your phone number. So it is not easy to take all these options, to ease yourself from this difficult time, you need to get a separate line and make things work smoothly.


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decisions. You will have difficulties making decisions especially when you start hiring more staff.

When you hire new staff in your business, you will be forced to either buy a new line with that employee without having to take calls from your business. Again, if a new employee has to make a call from the business, then they will either have to pick up your phone and make a customer call or use their personal phone to make a call. As a business that allows everyone to use their personal phone number for business purposes, it is difficult to find that everyone is doing their job well. Here, it can be difficult to tell whether your employees are ignoring your customers’ calls or they aren’t even accountable to your customers. For this reason, we recommend you purchase a spare phone number for business transactions

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