10 Basic Tips for More Instagram Followers

Instagram is currently 1 of the most popular social media apps and nowadays its popularity is increasing. To grow your Instagram account popularity we need tips and services as well some tricks to get gain traffic from peoples. In this situation, we should focus me or the second option could be a well-known company with best guideline service provide. So don’t be worry, BSSM brings a platform for you where you can get BSMM IG likes. We make people a top priority, and we value craftsmanship and simplicity in our work. Our teams inspire creativity worldwide, helping create and share more than 1 billion people.

Plus, we’re going to tell you a few basics for more Instagram followers, with more of these Instagram tips and the right 10 hashtags for these hashtags, so your photos get the attention they deserve. They deserve it.

1. Use Hashtags that Generate Followers

Hashtag such as #FF (Follow Friday) or #instafollow lure followers to your Instagram account. Sites such as top-hashtags.com can also help you to use the right hashtags for the intended purpose. Also, consider hashtags that connect with your intended audience. Please note that you do not use too many hashtags, this can infer from the content of your post.

2. Like Photos of others in your Target Group

Do you take a lot of photos of food, books, selfies, games, you name it? Then make sure you follow the hashtags that do well with these photos on Instagram and that you lick as many photos of others as possible. These likes result in followers. Note: You have to hand out quite a few likes before the followers come, but nobody said Insta-popular is easy, right?

3. Respond to other Photos

The most natural way to contact is interaction. So, don’t limit yourself to a simple like, but leave a comment on photos. This effort will eventually be rewarded with more followers.

4. Remove Unwanted Things and Keep Attractive content

Pay attention to sharpness, colour and subject. People want to follow an account that looks neat and complete. Your accurate selection ensures that. In addition, ensure sufficient variety. Pictures with quotes on them or recognizable situations are doing extremely well on Instagram. So, alternate your photos with pictures of funny, inspiring or familiar texts.

5. Call on your Followers to Take Action

In the caption of your photo, ask questions or call for action with exclamations such as “let me know what you think.” By asking a question, as simple as “how you are doing or how’s going all?” You seduce your followers to more interaction on your page.


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6. Photos of your Posts

The most important thing on Instagram we can see posts like videos, photos, status etc… these all things we should update regularly for good results. Of course, you prefer not to edit and post photos all day long. Take a few hours for some good photos and then schedule them. Use the Later app for this. (Android / iOS) also, think about the time when you post your photos. People with an office job will most likely not look at their Instagram at ten in the morning but around lunchtime.

7. Develop your own Brand

You make yourself a brand by thinking carefully about the name of your account, it’s content but also its distribution. Therefore, consider a hashtag for your account and encourage your followers to use it too. In addition, photos with faces on it do better than just objects. Selfies in combination with your personal hashtag is a guarantee for likes.

8. Look Behind the Scenes

Instagram has two sides: the one where everything seems perfect, styled and beautiful, and the side why Instagram influencers show that their lives are really not that perfect and that they too need a thousand attempts to get that one successful photo. By giving your followers a look behind your scenes, you create a personality behind the Instagram account.

9. Hold a Competition

By raffling something you can attract more visitors and followers for both your Instagram and website. Ask at the competition to like the competition post, follow the account, use a certain hashtag or leave a comment. You get even more attention by also adding that they have to tag a friend. “Do you know anyone who really needs this? Tag a friend!”

10. Promote your Instagram

 It is nothing that you spend so much time in a beautiful, functional and focused Instagram. Make sure that your account is easy to find by promoting it on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Especially if you really focus on “beautiful pictures”, Pinterest is a good source to generate attention for your account.

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