Milk Makeup has arrived in the UK – here are 4 products we love

Tory Frost breaks down the 4 best hard-working products from the cult New York beauty brand

Milk Makeup – a swoonworthy and inclusive American brand of beauty and skincare must-haves – will be available from Cult Beauty today, and I am giddy.

This is the brand I’ve begged non-beauty-geek pals crossing the pond to brave Sephora for. This is the brand I bought up from TK Maxx when a few bits miraculously appeared online, a few months back. This is the brand you want to sign up to a waiting list for, not only because its (sadly, pretty plastic-heavy) packaging will look good in your bathroom, but because the products are genuinely great.

Co-founded by expat Brit and former beauty editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, the range was designed to fill the make-up gaps she still had, despite being sent every new product under the sun to review. Here are the best bits.


This is the best contouring product for people who think they can’t be bothered to do contouring, but still want awesome cheekbones. AKA, me. It’s a big chubby stick of shadowy flat brown that you just swipe cack-handedly in the hollow part of your cheeks and blend in, either with fingers (this stuff is SO EASY to blend) or, if you don’t want to have to wash your hands, a dense face brush (I use this). It gives you an unclockable sculpt. I also whack it on my temples and under my chin for good measure. If you buy one thing, buy this.

Milk Makeup has arrived in the UK – here are 4 products we love 1

Cream Bronzer Stick, £20.50


After foundation, highlighter shade is the thing I most regularly see people getting wrong. Too light and you look like a robot; too dark and you look like you’ve done battle with a Toblerone. I get it – given there are now approximately 12 million for sale in every shade and consistency, it’s far too easy to mess it up. But if you just want a youthful healthy glow, go cream formula, subtle pigment and champagne-coloured, i.e. this. It’s the closest I’ve seen to a “universal” shade and swipes easily over foundation on cheekbones.

Milk Makeup has arrived in the UK – here are 4 products we love 2

Everyday Dewy Highlighter, £20.50


If you’re looking for a vegan, cruelty-free, talc-free mascara that works, here you go – you’re welcome. This is jumping on the CBD oil wagon – no, it won’t mean you look stoned after a few coats; it’s infused with cannabis oil to help nourish lashes, which should encourage growth. This mascara is all about volume and promises lashes will look 15 times fatter.

Milk Makeup has arrived in the UK – here are 4 products we love 3

Kush High Volume Mascara, £20.50


I was sceptical about Milk’s range of solid skincare products but, trust me, they work, they are easy to travel with (no leaks and no need to put in your stingy liquids pouch) and they last for AGES. This Watermelon Brightening Serum is packed with plenty of different properties – including hydration, plus vitamins A (better texture), C (anti-ageing) and E (general condition). A great starter serum for teens, too.

Milk Makeup has arrived in the UK – here are 4 products we love 4

Watermelon Brightening Serum, £32.50

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