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Maruti Omni has been a suitable car for a family for decades, but with new technologically advanced cars, it has taken a backseat. The Maruti Suzuki has stopped the production of Maruti Omni in recent years. However, there are thousands of Maruti Omnis seen on the Indian roads daily. The popularity of this car is high among the school van drivers and businessmen. Let’s have a look at Maruti Omni Price in India and discuss in deep before getting into the purchase mode.

The price of Maruti Omni starts at the affordable price of 3.05 lakhs.

This Maruti Omni on Road Price is for the basic model. There are top model ranges from 4lakhs to 5 lakhs. This is a very comfortable car in terms of leg space. Maruti Omni is the ultimate ambulance vehicle. The larger room gives space for a patient bed and paramedical equipment. Maruti Omni is a soul car for family outings and picnics.

Boot space of 210 litres is its speciality. Any car within the price range of 3-4 lakhs does not come with this feature. There is enough room for luggage and carriers. The 796cc engine gives a comfortable pick up and ensures a smooth ride on the roads of India. Well, there is an only manual transmission available in all the models of Maruti Omni. Auto transmission is not available in any models of Maruti Omni. 

Another favourite of the vehicle owners is the mileage that the vehicle offers. Maruti Omni gives a spectacular mileage of 19.7 km/l that suits every car owner. Maruti Omni comes in four wonderful colours.

  • Silky silver metallic
  • Pearl blue blaze metallic
  • Superior White
  • Fantasy black

Superior white is very commonly seen on the roads daily. However, the car is painted yellow for school purposes.

It is amazing to know that Maruti Omni has served the Indian Roads for 35 long years until recently when Maruti Suzuki has pulled the plug on its manufacturing. The maximum power output of Maruti Omni is 34.7PS and peak torque of 59Nm. That is the reason for its seven thousand buyers every month. There are two variants of Maruti Omni available in India with a three-cylinder petrol engine and also a four-speed transmission. With minimal styling elements, it has gained immense popularity when launched way back in 1984. The features that come with Maruti Omni are:

  • Sliding seat for the driver
  • Mudflaps
  • Clear lens headlamps
  • Reclining seats
  • Adjustable front seat head restraints
  • Thermoplastic bumpers
  • Steering lock
  • Floor carpet
  • The lock glove compartment and many more


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So, whenever you are looking for the colours and price, before getting into the purchasing mode, Yes, the above discussion will be helpful for all the seekers. People who all are searching for the essential stuff to gather, then have a look at above.

Wrapping up

Usually, when it comes to purchasing the Maruti Omni, they will be doubting the price before the purchase is done. On the other side, most of them aren’t aware of the exact price. Hopefully, the above discussion related to Maruti Omni will be helpful for all the seekers at any time. Also, based on your wish, you can proceed further to handle further. This is what most of them are looking for it. Based on this thing, proceed further to buy it as per their budget and convenience.

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