Locked down city to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in China

The number of people infected with the new Coronavirus pneumonia disease in China has reached 5,71, out of which 95 are in critical condition and 17 have died so far.

All the deaths occurred in Hubei Province, which is the epicentre of the outbreak, as well as a case report in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Instruments installed to measure the body temperature of passengers in Wuhan – Photo: AP

In addition, Thailand confirmed 3 cases, while the US, Japan and South Korea each confirmed a case report.

According to a British news agency Reuters report, the government shut down the city of the epidemic, which suspended all public transport, including buses, subway boats, and banned the departure of airports and railway stations so that the disease. To prevent the spread of

In addition, the Wuhan government has directed all individuals to wear masks in public places such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, parks, shopping centres and public transit to prevent the spread of the disease.

The provincial government of Hubei has announced the activation of an emergency public health response mechanism to effectively prevent the virus.

Authorities are taking drastic measures to isolate all certified and suspected patients.

For this purpose, body temperature checking points have been made at airports, railway stations and ports that all passengers will have to pass.

Local authorities, on the other hand, have strictly restricted outdoor activities such as conferences, tourism, tours and large public gatherings.

Screened in public places to diagnose virus-infected people – Photo: AP

Wuhan’s administration announced that local tourism agencies would suspend their business outside the city and no tours would be held until February 8, when the scheduled tours were cancelled after January 30.

The city government has urged residents not to leave Wuhan and non-locals needlessly visit the city so as to minimize the risk of the virus spreading.

Earlier, a report published in the Dawn newspaper said that the Coronavirus spreads in China resembles the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus that killed 650 people in central China and Hong Kong in 2003-2002. Had caused

Millions of people are travelling to China this week for the New Lunar New Year holiday, for which the National Health Commission announced measures to prevent the outbreak, which had sterilized airports, bus stations as well as planes and trains from inside. Cleaning and ventilation.

In Wuhan, the city most affected by the outbreak, major public gatherings were cancelled and international football matches were relocated, with visitors being warned not to leave the central city. ۔

The city of Wuhan is estimated to have a population of 10 million.

“We will advise people not to come to Wuhan unless it is very important,” city mayor Zhou Zhuang Wang told a state-run broadcasting agency.

At a press conference in Beijing, Deputy Minister of Health Lee Li Bin said, “The disease is spreading through the breath, so the virus is more likely to spread.”

The Chinese government termed the spread of the virus as a category of cirrhosis, that is, those who are infected should be completely isolated, but they cannot tell the exact source of the virus.

The Chinese official said that ‘we will begin an investigation to find out the source of the disease and its source, adding that most of the cases are from there’.

In this regard, passengers are being screened at US airports and transport centres in Asia, while the UK and Italy have announced increased vigilance for passengers arriving from there.

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