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“Listening to this music, I feel an energy where anything is possible” - Yola

Dec 10, 2019 by William Lewis.

Rising star Yola takes us through her playlist of “new retro” tracks

I value the kind of music that defies the rhetoric that retro-influenced music is throwback, but rather follows a broader set of rules that are timeless and free. I grew up listening to classic soul and country. I was also a child of the 90s, and was drawn to artists across all genres making music inspired by classic sounds. Pop music was in a stage of reinvention. Hip hop and britpop were back to back on playlists, Björk and Nirvana were in the charts, and something in the tradition of classic music was honoured without appearing stale. As I grew up, I found I still loved classic music, I still loved Blur and would go on to love Gorillaz for that same sense of freedom, as it seemed the perimeters for what was deemed radio/chart-worthy were closing in. I chose these artists and these songs, as to me they extol the virtues of the new, fresh and retro. Listening to this music, I feel an energy where anything is possible.