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Justin Bieber suffers from another mental illness

Jan 8, 2020 by Andrew S Gillis.

Justin Bieber, 24, a Canadian-American singer, has admitted that he is suffering from a viral infection that causes not only physical pain but also mental distress. The singer confessed himself to a viral illness at a time when his first song was released 4 years later and a documentary on his life is about to be released soon. Justin Bieber told fans in his Instagram post that he recently learned that he was suffering from "Lyme" disease, which is actually a bacterial virus infection. Lime disease actually occurs after the insect bites and the disease causes red marks on the face, including changes in the colour of the human eyes, while other parts of the body are affected by red marks. Usually, the disease does not transmit from one person to another, but the disease is spreading and the affected person may be suffering from headaches, including fever and body aches for several weeks. The singer wrote in his post that "those who say that Justin Bieber looks like a lunatic, they want to tell him that he is currently suffering from 'Lyme', which causes them to notice significant changes in his face. There is a pain in the body too. ' He also wrote that the disease affected his mind as well as he was facing other health problems. According to Justin Bieber, his fans will be able to see the details in his soon-to-be-released documentary regarding the aforementioned illness, as well as other health issues he faces. This is not the first time Justin Bieber has admitted himself to a serious illness, even in the past he has openly talked about the problems he is facing. In September 2019, Justin Bieber spoke openly of himself as being 'depressed' and confessed that he was having severe problems due to mental problems and stress. The singer revealed in his long social media post that he was addicted to drugs due to mental problems and was almost alone because of drug trafficking. The pop singer said that her problems got worse because of drugs, where relations with almost all of her people had deteriorated, she was even less respected by women due to drug use and mental problems. He admitted that his life was almost ended due to mental problems and problems, but then gradually he returned to normal life.