A man said Johnny Depp physically abused Amber Heard,

Why do we only believe in women when men confirm their experience?

Johnny Depp was “violently kicked” by Amber Hard, reports this week revealed. He abused her and, others say, committed “bodily motions” with herds on numerous occasions during the marriage. Legal comments obtained by American Magazine People were given by Depp’s former manager – and suddenly, Amber Hardy is surrendering to the public. It seems Amber Hard is being convinced.

Nevertheless, this was not much credible last year, when Amber Hard said Johnny Depp was abusing Amber Hard. We didn’t have enough evidence to believe a woman’s violence, or any video of her assault, 14 months ago. Instead, when he filed for divorce from Depp, after exposing his abusive behaviour, Hard was described as a “gold digger”, a “liar” and anyone who “drew attention.” Will do anything for them. ” Meanwhile, Depp was given the benefit of the doubt.

Johnny Depp physically abused Amber Heard

Interestingly, Joel Mandel, who said in the new document that Depp was “extremely volatile” and “physical” with Heard, who described the 2014 “violent kicking” hearing – An event previously described by Head – has not yet been labelled. A “gold digger” or “desperate” or “whore”. His account has not been scrutinized beyond understanding. He has not been charged with provocation – instead of that Depp is now demanding an apology from Hard and a horrible expression of the way Depp has targeted him. There is hardly any doubt that what Mandel has said can be wrong in any way.

Women are systematically and consistently overwhelmed by stereotypes that make us more vulnerable to abuse, and unable to reach support.

It’s telling – and surprisingly disappointing – and it’s nothing new. The whole saga shows, quite frankly, the societal values ‚Äč‚Äčthat place homosexuals, and the privilege that goes with them. A woman who is lingering about what happened to her is viewed with confidence, with confidence. Is she exaggerating? Is she abusing? So talk of stereotypes, accusations of women’s make-up on allegations of retaliation, or just for attention-seeking purposes. A man, in the eyes of the people, has no agenda.

You don’t have to look any further than this to see prejudice elsewhere. A whole army of women – more than 50 people – accused Bill Cosby of being “hungry for fame” in pursuit of justice, accusing him of sexual crimes, and a woman entering court The trial was viewed separately as the judges did not sentence him. The majority agrees. This week a juror, gradually, said in simple terms about the matter, “Whom would you believe?” This also means that it is clear.


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It’s the same attitude – a lack of respect for a woman’s voice and experience – that appears when boys in bars won’t leave women alone until they see a boyfriend up close, Regardless of how often it is said to be lonely. Although it may be on a smaller scale, it is still open to the attitude that women can be ignored or rejected – so that what they say is not respected, unless it is disputed by men. Yes.

And for Herd – and many other survivors of violence, who are thought to be paying attention, or lying, or using extortion claims – they say It is necessary. Women are organized and permanently frustrated by stereotypes that leave us more vulnerable to abuse, and less able to reach out for help. And they are letting men like Depp get away with it. When do we begin to believe in women in the first place?

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