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Is this the unsung beauty hero of the high street?

Dec 12, 2019 by William Lewis.

With a more stylish look and excellent product offering, The Body Shop is worth taking a look at, .

I don’t often dedicate an entire Frankie Finds to one brand; however, today I am. Why? Because, over the past few months, there has been one brand that, every time it lands on my desk, has impressed me. It’s not a new brand, an expensive brand or a brand that’s being buzzed about by influencers the world over. It’s The Body Shop. Universally known for White Musk gift sets and dolphin-shaped soap, the brand has been undergoing somewhat of a reinvention. And thanks to some stylish branding and more sophisticated product (although White Musk is still available for those diehard fans), it’s readily becoming something to take notice of.

Of course, the thing that we all know The Body Shop for is it’s message. Long before brands with a conscience became trendy, the Brighton-born company made sure it stood for something. Launched in Brighton in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, over the past 42 years it has partnered with Greenpeace, campaigned against domestic violence, human trafficking and, perhaps most famously, against animal testing. In 1996 The Body Shop launched The Against Animal Testing campaign and last year it launched Forever Against Animal Testing, which aims to end animal testing in cosmetics globally. To date the campaign has 7,996,149 signatures and is due to go to the UN in the next few weeks.

With a focus on fairtrade and sustainably sourced ingredients, in 1987 The Body Shop launched its Community Trade Programme. The initiative works with local communities from Brazil to Vietnam to source ingredients for its products. Ingredients such as babassu oil from the local women of Lago do Junco in Brazil, shea butter from the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association in Ghana and sesame oil from the Juan Francisco Paz Silva Cooperative in Nicaragua.

Obviously, all of the above is very, very good. And in a era when brands are clamouring over themselves to be the most authentic, the most transparent and the most sustainable, it’s interesting that The Body Shop has been doing these things all along. The fact that the products punch well above their weight in terms of price vs performance is almost too good to be true. If only you weren’t sick of seeing it in every train station going.

But train-station fatigue aside, the next time you fancy a quick desktop beauty browse, or indeed you’re waiting for the 6.54 homebound, then my tip is to pop in and give it a quick squiz. Here are the five things to buy.


As the name implies, you can stick this everywhere to soften and soothe. Spread it over bites and stings to stop itching, use it to nourish dry lips/elbows/cuticles or use it to calm down chafed skin. You can also use it to brighten tattoos. It contains the aforementioned babassu oil, which is highly moisturising.


A couple of drops of this into your bath water will make your skin feel silky and smell delicious. Its appeal is far more luxurious than the price tag would suggest and, bonus, the bottle looks great on the bathroom shelf.


This recommendation comes from fellow Body Shop fan, Hannah Banks-Walker. She’s won over by the rosey (but not overpowering) scent and the light yet creamy texture, which leaves skin feels uber-moisturised and silky. It’s not sticky and comes in a generous pot so lasts a good while.


If you have a tendency to get a flaky scalp then it would be worth your while giving this a try. Full of all sorts of loveliness to soothe dryness, it also makes your hair smell zingy and fresh. Plus it doesn’t weigh hair down, so it’s also great for fine hair.


Stick this in your bag and spritz all over your face to calm redness, soothe dry skin and spruce-up craggy end-of-day make-up. The mist is lighter than air and smells pleasantly of coconuts.