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Iran-US Conflict: How Far Iranian Missiles Can Hit?

Jan 8, 2020 by Andrew S Gillis.

Following the Iranian missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq, news on Iran's official TV reports quoted Tasnim News Agency as saying that the attacker used missiles 313 and Qayyum. The winner can hit up to five hundred kilometres while staying up to eight hundred kilometres. The Allied Revolution, without mentioning the types of missiles, had just said that 'dozens of missiles hitting the ground' were used in these attacks.

Iran launches missile attack on US military bases in Iraq

Earlier, similar missiles were used to target the so-called Islamic State bases.

How far can Iranian missiles hit?

According to the US Defense Department Pentagon, the missiles that Iran made with its own missiles can range from 500 to 2,000 kilometres. Tasnim News Agency, considered to be close to the Revolutionary Revolution, wrote on its website after the attacks, "Because the US military base in Asadabad is 322 km from Iran's Kermanshah province, where Iran launched its missiles." So it would be fair to say that some kind of missile was used in this attack. Winner missiles can target between 300km and five hundred km.

Features of Zulfiqar missiles

Iranian forces claim that Zulfiqar is their best missile because it looks like a target and has the capability to jam the enemy's radar, which means Zulfiqar is also useful against electronic waves. The enemy can use the missiles to change the way. Iran has divided its missile called Zulfiqar into two types, medium-range hitters and radar range missiles. According to the revolutionaries, the rocket equipped with this missile can be filled with solid fuel and can fly at half the speed of sound. This missile is specifically designed to target US military bases around its country. This missile can be fired from a mobile launcher, making it difficult for the enemy to determine the location from which it was fired. The Zulfiqar missile was first shown when it was shown at an Iranian parade in September in Bandar Abbas.

Qayam missiles

Iran has also divided its missile launching missiles up to 750km into two types, mid-range and radar range missiles. According to the Passion Revolution, it is three and a half meters in length and can fly up to five times the speed of sound. This missile can also be fired with the help of a mobile launcher, which can make it difficult for the enemy to determine its location. Another feature of the missile is that it is capable of deceiving the enemy's radar and can also be fired from submarines. The missile was first shown in August. After the Iranian missile attacks, Tasnim News Agency said that US forces could not capture the missiles fired from Iran because they had cluster warheads that were able to disrupt the operation of the anti-missile system. ۔ According to the agency, this is the reason why Iranian missiles managed to detonate tens of US bases. Former Iranian Defense Minister Hussein Dahiqan said in 2013 that Iran has succeeded in producing missiles that have cluster-warheads. Cluster warheads have several warheads within which each can target targets in opposite directions.