Release iPhone Air and iPad Air 3 in the middle of the iPhone 7

The release of the iPad Air in 2013, rumours of the iPhone Air have been flying in the air. Some people believe that Apple will make the “Air” version of the iPhone to follow the success of the iPad Air. However, it seems that the rumours have not found a landing pad, and they continue to fly.

In early 2014, when Apple was developing the iPhone 6, they said it would be an “Air” version. Apple released the smartphone in the name of the iPhone 6 to frustrate people, but speculation about the possibility of an “Air” model in the future of the iPhone continues. Now, as rumours of the release date of the iPhone 7 become ever closer, some are wondering if the time will finally come when Apple will finally use “iPhone Air” for the smartphone’s name.Release iPhone Air and iPad Air 3 in the middle of the iPhone 7 1

Regardless of what the name might be, the new generation of the iPhone looks close to being introduced this year. Not long ago, reliable forecasts for September’s release month surfaced. Now, words are pointing to specific dates.

Trusted Source is specific to the date of September 9 when Apple will pre-order the phone and the release date of the iPhone 7 on the market on September 16. Take a look at the previous timelines, and after rumours of the release of iOS 10, experts predicted the key dates would be as follows: pre-order start September 9 or September 6, as announced on September 9. For example, September. 15 as the launch of the iOS 10, and 16 September as the release of the iPhone 7 market.

A glimpse of iPhone Next-Gen

Rumours are circulating everywhere about how Apple will build the upcoming iPhone. From leaked information to leaked images, Focus is pointing to changes inside rather than outside. This means that the exterior of the new iPhone is also similar to the iPhone 6.

Despite information on the expansion of the iPhone 7 line, which will include the iPhone 7 Pro, phones are the exterior clones of the iPhone 6 line, including screen sizes and bezels.


One of the biggest rumours about the design change could be the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. It looks like the jack is too old for the latest iPhone. Old-school headphone jacks are no longer necessary because there are so many options on the table, from the possibility of a light-tipped AirPod headphone bundle to a new fancy Power Beats wireless Bluetooth headphone to the Lighting-Music Adapter. After the jack is removed, the new phone may be fully waterproof.

The sound becomes more prominent as some of the leaked images show the speaker’s other faces. Thanks to the removal of the hands free jack, Apple could put another speaker on the plane. If this is true, then the iPhone 7 will have real stereo sound and become the first model with it.

The home button comes after several experts predict the “Force Touch” home button will be used on the iPhone 7. Physically depressed to make the button dangerous, the “Force Touch” technology will be used in conjunction with the motor.

The camera is expected to make a significant move. Some sources say the dual camera will be equipped with a 5.5-inch screen plus and / or Pro models. Since many other smartphone makers have already used dual rear cameras, it is equally possible that Apple is not behind. However, likely, the dual camera will not be used on the standard 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

Better upgrades are also expected on the battery. Battery upgrades on the iPhone 6s are likely to increase from 1,715mAh to 1,960mAh on the iPhone 7. If we calculated, the increased capacity could add up to 90 minutes of video playback.

For iOS 10, however, it is more likely that the OS will be launched simultaneously or at least closer to the release of the iPhone 7. This OS is already available to developers so Apple may need a little more time to market it.

Aside from the almost true rumours mentioned above, there are plenty of wild rumours that look good if they can be real. The list includes curved displays, ultrasonic imaging that is embedded in the display for maximum accuracy, and Apple has assembled some wireless charging specialists as wireless charging.


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Rumours of the iPad Air 3 release

Although the prospect of the iPhone Air is still dubious, the rumour trigger is almost ready to announce the iPad Air. These are still rumours, but a lot of information from credible sources has forced people to guess the new generation of Apple Slimline tablets.

The latest news suggests that the iPad Air 3 can be found on Apple Watch such as digital crowns and mechanical inputs. The rumour surfaced when digital crown patent filings were publicly unveiled at the end of July, citing Apple Watch, iPods and iPhones as well as iPads. Is gone

If the continued improvement of the iPad Air is correct, then rumours of the iPhone Air may continue.

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