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Io Transfer to Make Media File Management

Jan 8, 2020 by William Lewis.

Many of us never thought we would need a free iPhone manager at first, but here we are. Yes, there was a time where we believed that we could live with 16 gigabytes of storage smartphone, thinking that this was more than enough. Come on, 16 gigabytes of fast usage for all our favorite applications. To our dismay, some of us didn't even have much application for expansion so we're not sure where the supposed storage went. One of the biggest dreams that people of this day and age may have before their eyes flashes when their smartphone flares up and alerts them. This horrible warning alerts them to the fact that their phone is close to storage. This is always the case with horrible breaks. Not only does the phone work normally, but it also repeatedly says to delete applications that we rarely use. But that's where the problem is, right? We don't think we have a lot of requests in the first place. The things we have are considered essential, simply because they are the applications we use daily. Getting rid of them is not easy, and deciding whom to delete is quite a challenge. So what do we have to do to clear some space without deleting the necessary stuff?   Read More: What Are Five Tips You Must Know About Spa Software?

Understand the options to cope with the storage problem

If you are greeted with a notification that your phone storage is almost full, you may find yourself struggling to use a smartphone that is out of space. It's lacking in belief, important updates need to be postponed because of insufficient storage, and many other things make us want to get our hair out in frustration. But you know what? It doesn't need to be this way! True, this seemingly harmless problem can cause incredibly trouble and make our lives difficult, but there are always solutions to any problem. If deleting some of your requests is not the solution you want to hear about, there is always an alternative. Yes, you can deal with this problem only by managing your phone storage. To some, this may seem overly complicated as we are dealing with not only used applications. When we talk about phone storage, we talk about the whole deal: temporary files, logs, various caches, and many other things that have plenty of storage space. If this seems overly complicated to you, it doesn't, and you will soon find out. First, let's talk about how lucky we are to have an iPhone because the system automatically deletes system caches whenever it needs more space to perform. However, you are advised to restart your device regularly and force restart so that the system is prompted to immediately clean up cached files and ensure easy performance. Another thing you can do is delete the voicemail and remove the application update installers. If you don't intend to update your app, delete the update from your Storage & iCloud usage section. This will immediately give you a good few extra hundred megabytes of storage.

Use IOTransfer for easy data management

Last but not least, manage your files. We know how much we love to document this moment, so all the videos and photos taken can easily use our storage. Needless to mention, our favorite music we listen to daily. But getting rid of them and getting rid of them is not an easy task. Due to a large number of files we have on our phones, this can be overwhelming. If we need to move some of them to another location, such as our Windows-based notebook, skip it. Are we doomed? Simply put, no we are not. Our large volumes of files are not difficult to manage and cross-platform. Yes, all we have to do is make ourselves one of those third-party requests to work! IOTransfer is widely regarded for its incredible features that when it comes to filing management and transfer, will undoubtedly make our collective lives easier. Yes, with this free iPhone Photo Manager, we can now integrate content, transfer, manage and delete media files and data with various platforms!