Instagram Update Plan Will Change the Way You See Posts

Early in 2016 was the moment when Instagram made a number of changes to the user experience, but the new Instagram change plan sparked a surge of users, including bloggers and Instagram celebrities. The changes included several key features such as notifications and settings for multiple accounts, but the most disturbing cause was the posting algorithm. Instagram followed the actions of Twitter and Facebook, which you think are controversial with the timeline and news feed, using a post algorithm based on the things you like the most.

Changes in Instagram have caused a lot of commotion among Instagram users, and some Instagram celebrities and business account owners have voiced their concerns online, but how will the new algorithm respond to consumers? Will this change rapidly change how you use Instagram in popular photo-based social media?

Instagram changes bring favorite posts to the top on

Instagram has announced the decision off change its timeline system, which will change how you see photos of the people you follow. Instead of following the historical setting when posting photos, the new system update will bring you images that are more suitable for you, chosen by the software algorithm on the Instagram system. So, instead of seeing the latest posts above, as usual, you’ll see the most relevant images from the top. Depending on your activity on Instagram, this new Instagram update will create older photos to stay at the top of your timeline.

In theory, that sounds great; if you follow a lot of Instagram accounts, you’ll see some of your favorite posts above. You may even have photos and posts that you care about most. Also, if you want to avoid self-deprecating self-harm from some of your Instagram friends, changes to the Instagram feed will ensure that you are free of these hassles. However, judging by the reaction of many consumers, the changes do not seem to have been warmly received. The new changes are considered inefficient and inconvenient, and some bloggers have also expressed concern about how this will change their views.

Bloggers have appealed to followers to turn on Instagram notifications

Not everyone received new Instagram changes that brought “related” posts instead of the latest ones. Many users follow certain accounts on Instagram because they want to get the latest updates from people they love or care about. If they follow celebrities or other celebrities, they may be able to see recent news or information such as concert updates or contests. The current Instagram timeline enables users to view the latest posts each time they are uploaded.

With the new changes to Instagram, the posts that will remain at the top of the timeline are old posts that are “relevant” to you. This means you won’t be able to see the latest updates right away, especially if you have new posts set up notifications to prevent you from getting upset. If you follow Instagram celebrities, you won’t be able to see their current posts, and if you want to find new posts, you have to scroll down to find them. If you follow hundreds or thousands of Instagram accounts it can be very difficult. Imagine scrolling down to find just one or two new posts that are usually at the top!

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Thanks to this change plan, many bloggers and celebrities on Instagram link their information to “turn on notifications” messages. If the change happens, Instagram notifications will be the only way that followers can immediately see any new posts and image uploads. However, it also became a new source of protest, as many users do not want to be annoyed by repeated notification sounds or warnings whenever accounts update new posts.

New changes to Instagram won’t come suddenly

Despite the outrage over the news, Instagram has said that the company will not apply the change suddenly. On March 28, Instagram announced on its account page that nothing had changed. Algorithm-based timeline changes are still being tested, and are only in the accounts of a select few, not just random users. Even if Instagram is finally ready to implement this change, it won’t happen all of a sudden. There will be announcements so that consumers are not surprised.

Instagram has caught fire after its customers made several changes to the system, but the response was nothing new. Facebook and Twitter have faced similar reactions when they changed their news feed and timeline, though apparently Facebook has received the most scrutiny. So far, consumers still expect the company to consider the project as the timeline is still up to date as compared to algorithm-based timelines.

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