Tips to improve battery life of laptop

As you know the use of laptops has been increased significantly and everybody is keeping a laptop for their personal and official use as well. If you buy a brand-new laptop you would opt for every tip to improve the battery life of Laptop. In the case of buying an old laptop then it is most necessary to exercise all tips for increasing battery life. You must avoid the mistake which reduces the battery timing. Battery level is shown at the window taskbar of the computer when you are working on battery power Mode. You may confirm by clicking the level indicator that power saving options are working or not. If power saving options are closed users can open it for power saving.

If you are working on a window or excel then sufficient battery would not be spent as it is normal and common working. When you are browsing and retrieving data from different sides your battery would be consumed enough as compared to normal working. A lot of battery is spent when movies, songs, documentaries are being watched. Even, sufficient battery is exhausted when movies, songs, and documentaries are loaded at any disk instead of watching live. One more thing might reduce the battery life when data is transferred.

Important factors to consider

If some peripherals are opened and you are busy in other work, they must draw power and reduce your battery life. If you are using 2 in 1 laptop or gaming laptop then you must remove the external keyboard or other devices. Therefore, extra peripherals must be kept close to enhance the life of the battery. Some people wait until it is exhausted near to dead and then plug it. Working on the laptop when the battery is showing below 20%, it reduces charging capacity therefore laptop must be a plug of when its battery shows 20% charging.

The laptop should not be used if the weather is being observed hot as it can reduce the life of the battery. Similarly, if cold weather is being observed then it must impact battery and in such a situation, computer must work harder which spent your battery swiftly. Extreme temperature must impact the battery and would shorten the life of it. You may also enhance your battery life by extending the capacity of RAM. If you enhance the capacity of RAM, you would have to prefer RAM instead of the hard drive when storing the information because hard drive drains your battery faster.

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi effect on battery

Users also want to keep battery 100% for which they also plugin without interruption. Therefore, it is suggested that never plugin 24 hours it damages the battery and reduce the life. By this practice, the battery is enlarged in shape and weight as compared to genuine shape. Some people keep the screen most bright which ultimately affects on eyes of users. Further, it impacts on battery timing, therefore, ensure working on the lower screen brightness. Furthermore, display settings may be changed by which display would be turned off after a suitable interval if you are not working. Users are advised to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if you are not working on them because of the Wi-Fi stream for other connections automatically.


This is not a complete guide of laptop usage but we try to figure out some important aspects which may improve the performance of your laptop

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