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How Used Car Dealers Improve the Trust of Their customers

Jan 1, 2020 by William Lewis.

1 of the most common problems faced by car dealers is that the customer does not trust the dealership. This is understandable because the horror stories of people who buy used automobiles only know later that car has a bad history or that after owning a car, they have to pay for dental care. An Auto Trader report found that only 7% of British consumers rely on used car dealerships. So, what is can a dealer do to improve consumer confidence?

Better customer experience

First of all, it is essential for all dealerships to thoroughly review their customer experience and look for ways to improve it. This includes both showrooms and online and is completely transparent about pricing and fees. In the showroom, this will include being friendly, professional and eager to help. You should always listen to consumers, be completely honest and never try to make them into a decision. The showroom should be clean, neat and away from a good location. Online, you'll want to include videos of each car's presentation, wholly accurate and transparent information about the vehicle, professional-looking photos and reviews of former dealer customers. The website should look modern and easy to navigate. Many consumers turn to social media to gauge the credibility of a business, so you should stay active on Facebook and Twitter and encourage consumer feedback.

Approved dealership

Becoming a dealership that meets some of the criteria helps consumers identify the safest places to buy used vehicles. AA is an "approved dealer" standard of cars designed to increase consumer confidence. By offering an AA inspection on your entire stock and signing a 10-point dealer promise, you can join the approved dealer program.

Vehicle History Report

Any Smart Used Car Buyers Checklist will tell users to get the vehicle's date. This helps customers to know about the car and make sure the report comes from the automobile. Thats great way to show that you are reliable and willing to help provide this report to them (these reports can be obtained with a Vehicle Identification Number). You can also advise the customer to ask the mechanic to do their automobile analysis. In today's day and age, with a little confidence from consumers, any used car dealer needs to say that their dealership is a safe place to buy a used car. its can be achieved in the following ways.   Read More Is The Extended Warranty Valid for Your Car ?