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How to Cook Favourite Food from Books

Feb 10, 2020 by William Lewis.

Kate Young, the creator of The Little Library Kitchen and author of The Little Library Cookbook, tells us why books and food are linked to memory and show us how to cook favourite food from books. ۔ The first time Kate Young cooked something she initially read about in a book, it was a Harry Potter betrayal. She was living in London and had troublesome homes in Australia for her family, so she chose to cook something that would help her to remember home. It's not like she's ever eaten acne, you know, but reading her books in childhood was so powerful that it was enough to satisfy her appetite for food. From that day on, Kate made a copy of several books a week - Jane Eyre, Heartburn, The Princess Bride, The Miniaturist - and wrote about them on her blog, The Little Library Cafe. Not surprisingly, Kate's delicious recipes and her obsession with reading proved popular, and her first book, The Little Library Cookbook, surfaced last week. When we met Kate, she loved her love of food as well as her love for reading. Talking about our thoughts about Anna Carina easily slipped (pretty, obviously, but we wish we had less farming and more sex) at our favourite restaurant (even Dishoom House Dahl's idea with Kate's mouth). Poured audio) Winnie the Pooh audio box on listening memories and again. At the end of the day, full of illicit bats for the bats, the things they made were so delicious that we still ate cakes, chicken and hot chocolate prepared for us.   Read More: 6 Women Talk Honestly About Postnatal Depression The Little Library Cookbook contains 100 recipes for books such as Moby Dick, The Hundred and One Dalmatians and Agatha Christie. Watch the video to watch the video that teaches us how to do three of his favourite things. Honey and rosemary cake from Winnie the Pooh; and chocolate from Northern Lights.