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How to choose the best subwoofer for your car and enjoy it

Jan 1, 2020 by William Lewis.

Driving through the pleasant songs of your car speaker and experiencing unbearable traffic jams will certainly be more tolerable. If you are listening to music and you like the sound of deep and full bass, even the best car speakers in the market will not be able to meet your needs. You all need to do is install a subwoofer in your car. Subwoofers can be very difficult to choose as there are so many varieties available. Also, each type will have different frequency range, impedance and size. If you are currently in the market for a great subwoofer, you may want to consider the following.

Raw or attached

Generally, subwoofer comes in 2 different types, raw or attached. The raw subwoofer is also known as a component subwoofer. This sub-woofer has no wall and is the only metal frame speaker. It needs extra work because you need to find a wall for all the woofers. However, you will also have more freedom to choose which subwoofer you prefer. The subwoofer, on the other hand, is exactly as the name suggests, it already comes with a wall box. Mostly, such subwoofer for the car also comes with an amplifier, and it will be called a powerful subwoofer. But if the attached subwoofer doesn't come with a speaker, you need to connect it to an external amplifier.

Big or small

When it comes to subversion, the rule is straightforward. The larger the diameter of the sub-woofer, the lower it is sound frequency. The width of the sub-woofer is usually 8 to 15 inches. if you want the deepest and richest sound of a bass, you should go with 15 inches, okey? so, technically yes, but you need to remember that the larger the subwoofer, the higher its power. don't use high power only for a subwoofer, it's best to have the most excellent ability. Also, if the size of the subwoofer is too large, it may not fit in the back of your car. If you want to balance frequency and power, it's best to get a subwoofer with 10 to 12 inches in diameter. The lowest rate that can be captured by the human ear is about 20 Hz, and it is possible to find 10 to 12-inch subwoofer woofers providing this frequency even if you get 15 inches, less than 20 Hz. It's not possible to go because you aren't able to hear it. Therefore, unless you want the sheer appearance of the most giant diameter subwoofer, unless it offers the lowest frequency, a subwoofer for 10 to 12 inches is a good option.

Back or trunk

All wafers are usually placed in the back of your car or inside the trunk. If you keep all the woofers in the backseat, throwing the sound and bass will feel close to your ear, mainly because it's inside the cabin. However, this arrangement will take up so much space for passengers to sit. If you place the subwoofer on the trunk, the sound may be a bit muted, but the seat inside the cabin is free.

Sealed and ported enclosure

The enclosure is a very important part of the subwoofer. The way it communicates with the speaker will determine the quality of the sound produced. Sealed boxes and port boxes are the two most popular types of sub-woofer enclosures, and they are very easy to find in the market. If you're longing for deep bass sound, Cell Box Fastening is the answer. To produce such a deep sound, the wall must surround the speaker very tightly. Because of the layout, this type of attachment will require a large amount of power. Therefore, if the cell is connected to an external amplifier, a cell box enclosure is always best. The ported box enclosure, on the other hand, does not provide the same rich and deep bass sound. However, it is capable of delivering a greater volume of music thanks to holes in the enclosure that allow air to flow in and out. The best thing about this type of ring is that it is capable of producing high volume without using too much force, which is against the seal box enclosure. Therefore, if you prefer rich and precise bass sound, the sealed box is best option. But if you want your music to be loud, the port box is what you should choose.   Read More: How Used Car Dealers Improve the Trust of Their customers