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How is the alleged hacking done?

Jan 22, 2020 by Andrew S Gillis.

United Nations experts say that a forensic examination of Mr Bezos' iPhone in 2019 revealed that his phone was hacked on May 1, 2018, via an MP4 video file. The WhatsApp account from which this video file was sent was in the personal use of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to reports, Wali Mohammad bin Salman and Mr Bezos gave each other phone numbers about a month ago. Within a few hours of the MP4 video file arriving, 'Mr Bezos's phone began transferring large amounts of data'. Also Read: Saudi Arabia sends 21 cadets back after Florida massacre According to forensic experts who examined Mr Bezos 'phone, "Wali Mohammed bin Salman then sent a message to Mr Bezos on the WhatsApp in which he allegedly spoke on information about Mr Bezos' personal life that was confidential.' Jeff Bezos' personal information was then leaked to the US tabloid newspaper The National Inquirer. In February last year, The National Inquirer posted personal messages sent between Bezos and his ex-girlfriend, Lorne Sanchez, after which Jeff Bezos accused the tabloid of 'extortion' and 'blackmailing' him. He divorced his wife Mackenzie Bezos a month ago after being separated for a long time.