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Harvey Weinstein charged in the most important case of 'Rape'

Jan 6, 2020 by Andrew S Gillis.

Leading Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, 67, was charged with 'rap' in the US city of Los Angeles court during the most recent case. This is the first time in nearly two years that Harvey Weinstein has been charged with 'rap' in a case, before he was charged with sexually assaulting women in 2 cases. Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment and 'rap' by at least 100 women and actresses. The film producer is currently out on bail and has been charged with sexual exploitation, harassment and 'rap' of women in various cities of the United States, including the Los Angeles and New York courts. Last month, news came out that Harvey Weinstein had reached a deal to pay for himself with 30 alleged women. Actresses The deal has nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein's 'rap' allegations and criminal cases, but civil cases filed against him are likely to be excluded. For the first time in October 2017, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and rap by dozens of women, following the launch of the 'My Two Campaign' worldwide. Harvey Weinstein has denied all the allegations against himself, claiming that he had forged mutual consent with the women. The case, which began in Los Angeles court, is being considered as the most important case for Harvey Weinstein because if convicted in this case, he could face up to 28 years in prison, as well as a fine. Harvey Weintsein According to Reuters, a Los Angeles court has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment of a woman, including a "rap". The report stated that the trial judge, in a brief hearing, said that the court believes that the evidence presented against Harvey Weinstein is sufficient and that the allegations are being made on the basis of the evidence. Harvey Weinstein was raped by a woman in February 2013, and two days later another woman was accused of sexually harassing her in the hotel room. Interestingly, Harvey Weinstein was charged by a Los Angeles court on the occasion, while a New York court trial against him also began. The most important case hearing in the New York court against Harvey Weinstein began January 6. A New York court trial is also being considered important to Harvey Weinstein because if he is found guilty of 'rap' in the aforementioned court, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment as well. However, no charges were laid against Harvey Weinstein on the first day of trial in New York court, but it is believed that he will be charged soon. Harvey Weintsein