Golden Globe Awards goes to Film ‘1917’ and ‘The Joker’.

After the Oscars, the Golden Globes’ 77th Annual Awards Ceremony, which honoured the film’s second-most prestigious award, surprisingly succeeded in winning other films instead of the web-streaming company ‘Netflix’.


In the 77th Golden Globe Awards nominations that came out in December 2019, Netflix’s films and plays received the highest number of nominations – 34, but Netflix’s films failed to receive major awards.


A total of 25 categories were awarded at the 77th Golden Globe Ceremony and the ‘Best Film’ award was won by the Great Warfare film ‘1917’ while the ‘Best Actor’ award was made by Thriller crime film ‘Joker’. Take ‘s actor Jacqueline Phoenix.


Golden Globe Award Ceremony ‘Best Film, Best Actor and Best Director plus Best Television Series, Best Television Series Music or Comedy, Best Movie and Limited Series, Best Performance Actress in Limited Series, Best Performance Actor in Limited Series, Best Performing Performance in Television Series, Best Performing Actress in Television Series Comedy or Music, Best Performance Actor in Television Series, Best Performing Actor in Television Series Comedy or Music, Best Supporting Actor in Limited Series, Best Supporting One Limited Series, Best Supporting Actor (every kind of movie or draw Ma), Best Supporting Actress (any kind of movie or drama), Best Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Animated Feature Film and Best Foreign Language Film Awards.


Best Drama Movie


Best music or comedy movie

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Best Director

Sam Mendes – 1917

Golden Globe Awards goes to Film '1917' and 'The Joker'. 1

Best Performance Actress

Renee Zellweger – Judy

Renee Zellweger

Best Performance Actor

Joaquin Phoenix – The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix

Best Performance Actor Music or Comedy

Taron Egerton – Rocket Man

Taron Egerton

Best Performance Actress Music or Comedy

Awkwafina – The Farewell


Best Supporting Actor

Brad Pitt- Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Brad Pitt

Best Supporting Actress

Lara Daren – Marriage Story

Lara Daren

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