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Jan 27, 2020 by Andrew S Gillis.

The documentary is divided into nine separate chapters, each dealing with different aspects of the preparation of the Prometheus. Just like the documentary on Charles De Lauserica's films in the Alien series, it does not have a regular statement but relies on interview clips to tell the story of the film's progress, Affiliate with

The Conquest of Paradies: Renewal of the Story

The first chapter covers the long process of producing a new entry into the Alien franchise, highlighting many drafts of the film's script (including Alien: Engineers Draft) and the way the film is ultimately Launched directly from Allen Pariola it started. A new side series. Interviews with director Ridley Scott, writers Jon Spots and Damon Lindelof, producer Michael Ellenberg, production designer Arthur Meeks, and Steven Effing, director of visual effects.

Under the Pyramid: LV-223

The second chapter covers the film's shared conceptual design process, which specifically highlights the design of the LV-223 planet, including the one initially proposed by Ridley Scott. How did the engineers design the Humanoid? The segment also looks at the evolution of the film's creative design, which has since been cast in the documentary. Interviews with Ridley Scott, Michael Ellenberg, actress Naomi Rappisi, conceptual artist Carlos Hunt, Ben Proctor, David Levy and Neville Page, Arthur Meeks, Steven Messing, and Nell Scallan, creator of creator effects.