The Round Up (2010 film)

A young Jewish Parisian, Weisman and his family, were taken by German and Vichy colleagues to the Rafael du Vail ‘hives’. Anna Traube, a 20-year-old woman, is leaving the welder’s room with fake documents. His mother and sister have been arrested. Annette Mond, a Protestant nurse, volunteers for Velodrome and helps David Schoenbaum, a Jewish doctor. Weldon De Hoover’s family and Shane Baum have been transferred to the Bevin La-Roland Internet Camp. Monod came along. She does everything she can to help children, who are soon getting sick of the camp diet and conditions.

Parents are deported by train to “work camps in the east” (actually exiting camps) and shen bam. Monod wants to come along, but Sheinbaum talks to him. After some time, the authorities announced that the children would be reunited with their parents in the East for humanitarian reasons (in fact the elders have already been killed, and now they are going to kill the children). ). Some children think they will be reunited with their parents. However, Joe and the other boy, Pavel, escaped under the barbed wire, taking the money that the family had hidden in the toilet with their valuables.

While the other children were being taken, a doctor treats Manhood, who is now ill. The doctor informed Manod that resistance had now learned the true fate of the deported Jews. When Monod hears what happens to them, she runs after the children despite her illness. But he found out that the train had just left.

After the war, Manoa was looking for survivors in the Hotel Lotia. She looks for Joe, who has survived and will adopt a family and even a little boy, nine, with whom he has been close. He somehow got out of the group of children and made his way to the camps overseas.



The plot features several real people, including Jo Weisman and Anna Traube; in the film, her mother and sister are captured, in real life, they also escaped to join their father in Limoges. Another real character is Annette Monod. Dr David Sheinbaum, played by Jean Reno, is a synthesis of more than one doctor.

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