4 common mistakes you should avoid while using FCL shipping

Before you ship your valuables via FCL, you must have a true understanding of the FFCL concept to handle your shipping effectively. FCL, which means full container load, is a term used to define a standard form of shipping freight. This has some advantages that make many ships use this mode to carry their luggage. However, if you are not generally familiar with the steps and shipping method, you are bound to make some mistakes.

Especially if you are sending valuables through FCL, you need to be careful. It also raises the question of how you can prepare yourself to avoid common mistakes when using FCL shipping. To avoid common pitfalls using FCL shipping for your shipment of valuables, you can follow some of the tips described below.

Four common errors using FCL shipping for your valuable cargo:

Avoid detention charges.

When you place an order for FCL delivery to ship your valuables, try to avoid arrest charges. In FCL shipment, the container is leased by the ship for shipment of goods, after which it is required to return the carrier at a specified time. These are cases where accusations of impairment or detention occur during the delivery of goods through FCL. The cut-off time provided by the FCL is usually two days. Therefore, if the cargo or freight is not shipped within the stipulated time, then you will have to pay additional costs.

The transportation of valuables always involves additional import duty charges. Therefore, if you do not ship the carrier within the stipulated time, it will incur additional charges on the consignment of valuables. In addition to bearing the detention charges, leaving your valuables for a long period of time can result in the loss of the goods for which FCL will not provide compensation. You can also request an extended free time to avoid detention charges.

Provide a detailed place-

If you are sending valuables you always need to be extra careful whether you choose FCL or any other method of shipment. You should already provide detailed instructions to your in-country carrier. The same details should also be shared briefly with FCL carriers to prevent the loss of your valuables. If you do not share the necessary information about where you want your goods to be shipped, it is likely that they will be left in the public place. If you lose your valuables, it can cost you a lot.

The best way to handle your valuables when shipping via FCL is to provide all the details about where to send it. In this way, it not only protects you from the risk of damage but also helps you keep a full track of valuables. Also, try to make a backup plan when the port is set up so it can be a lifesaver during emergencies.

Make sure all documents are available and valid.

Border inspections and baggage detention can be expensive and unpredictable, especially if you have no previous idea about them. In addition, if you are importing via FCL shipment, you can keep the container for a fixed time, ie two days. If the inspection time is longer, you may need to pay extra for the container’s late return. Therefore, the best way to avoid this hassle is to ensure that all documents are accurate and available.

Having the right documents will help you to avoid the risk of detaining your valuables. As such, you can also ensure the timely return of the container in case of FCL delivery.

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Check freight transit times.

Before choosing any route delivery to ship your valuables, review freight times. You can go through the shipping details before making a decision. However, if you choose FCL shipment for the delivery of your valuables, then check the time you arrive from your FCL forwarder. In general, the FCL transfer process is faster, and it also provides better security. However, you need to be aware of when to arrive and when to make an estimate so that you can keep track of your luggage.

To conclude

While leveraging the FCL Shipping Service for shipping your valuables, try to keep yourself up to date with the latest shipping method updates and keep all relevant documents ready. Have a proper understanding and make sure you can avoid predators. Also, check with your forwarder and arrange the necessary documents as it will be helpful in the proper management and handling of your valuables when shipping via FCL.

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