Extended Behind Scenes Russian

I was determined to move to the lonely planet after reading that Hermitage offers its own storage. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance or at the Hermitage Museum. According to my experience, I could only buy it at a storage facility. Overall, the visit was great. It had the ability and access to the best ability to see all the artwork, sculptures, etc. stored in high-tech cases. It looked really “behind the scenes” and this feature is very safe. There were so many safe entry points that we had to pass from one section to the other.

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the tour was in Russian only. Although the website and the Hermitage Museum staff said that English tours were available, when I arrived, they said that no English tour was offered. The process of buying a ticket was relatively confusing, and it seemed that the people working there were a bit confused. Maybe it’s because I visited during the slow season, but other people outside of myself were just another group.

Although the visit was in Russian, I would highly recommend this tour. This facility is very easy to find and is 5 minutes walk from metro station Staria Derunia. The whole tour took about 90 minutes. And the trip there was probably 30 minutes. Petersburg in the centre of the city

I was really excited that the photos were allowed inside (though there were only phones or point and shoot cameras, not DSLers).

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