Everything you need to know about liposuction

>      Liposuction is the aspiration of fat through chirurgical operation. A small incision is made in the superficial or deep subcutaneous fat. It is the most frequent esthetic operation.

How long is the hospitalization?

A minor liposuction doesn’t even require hospitalization, can be performed under ambulatory regime. A more important liposuction (when more than a1 kilogram of fat is extracted) requires 48 hour medical surveillance.

Body areas on which liposuction is performed. The most frequent areas are the hips and thighs. It is performed also around the neck, breasts, abdomen and knees.

How is it performed?

Usually it’s performed under general anesthesia, but it can be performed occasionally under local anesthesia. Small incisions are made in hidden areas which allow the introduction of special medical instruments. The fat layer is first fluidized through the injection of a mix of substances. Subsequently the suction machine is inserted and the unwanted fat layer is removed.

How long is the intervention?

The area that is subjected to the chirurgical procedure is protected by a special bandage, very tightly applied. This special bandage has the role of forming a new contour of the figure or of the area on which the procedure was performed, prevents the accumulation of blood or other fluids in the suctioned area. This special bandage must be continuously worn for two weeks after the chirurgical intervention and most of the time for another month after that. Physical effort is forbidden in this time.

Other methods of liposuction:

– Ultrasound liposuction – Ultrasounds are used to fragment the fat layer. The suction procedure will be faster and cleaner, but skin burn can appear in the areas with a thicker fat layer.

– Oscillating liposuction – The fat layer is mechanically destroyed through the insertion of a tube that produces high frequency vibrations. Thus the fat layer is rapidly removed and the risk of skin burn is avoided.

The procedure is determined by a combination of factors: the area on which the intervention is being made, the quantity of fat that is to be removed, total weight, skin consistency and muscular tonus, the type of distribution of the fat deposits, medical history, food habits, the existence of a medical treatment in progress. The procedure will be chosen together with the plastic surgeon.

Where is the liposuction performed?

Liposuction is a procedure with which the dermatology – esthetics – esthetic surgery section is responsible. Therefore it is performed in the esthetic surgery clinics.

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