Regina Cassandra’s HER Short film Watch Here

By | March 30, 2016

Regina Cassandra’s HER Short film Watch it…

Regina Cassandra’s is one of the beautiful and gorgeous actresses in the Tollywood industry. Recently one in the entertainment site had completed this anniversary so they released the Regina Cassandra’s short film on the web. The name of the short film is ‘her’. It is the small drama which illustrates the life of an actress in the movie industry. The short film was directed by Phanindra Narsetti.

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Details about Regina Cassandra’s Short Film

Regina Cassandra’s her was produced by Saketh Innovative works. In the Short film shows about the inner beauty and problems which are facing in the actress life. Her Regina Cassandra’s short film is about the pain of rumours in the movie industry.  Accurately how lots of circumstances have we blindly assumed obvious whispers about everything and the whole thing that happens in the movie industry? Exactly how lots of have actually twisted out to not turn into fake? Because grapevines that are such, we finish up objectifying the celebrity who amuse us, particularly the females of. Revealing clothes and some suggestive dialogues afterwards, their feeling rarely leftovers what it was.

Brief Description about Her Short Film

Suddenly Regina’s car break down and she stand on the road for while. Later one boy approaches to her and says he is the big fan of her. Later they will take the green tea in her car. The boy takes a selfies with Regina and posts it into Facebook as a profile picture. After that so many likes to him and he says he had a cup of coffee with Regina. Then instantly they will sit for while and talks about rumours that rotates around. The boy asks the Regina boy friend and actress says it is the fake gossips and tells before the actress’s life we are girls. So make these types of rumours. After that watch in the video from here.

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