The importance of engagement on Instagram

Instagram was launch by Facebook as a fun photo and video sharing application. Over the years the application has garnered enough attention and subscribers and has turned into a platform for promotion, marketing, networking, selling among others.

Instagram offers both an individual and a business the scope of operating an account. The major functionality of these accounts includes posts related to their purpose of maintaining the account.

As per recent statistics, 80% of Instagram users follow a business and a majority of them have purchased an item online which they first saw on Instagram.

For an Instagram account that is using the platform for any kind of promotion, the engagement rate of the posts must be checked regularly.

What is engagement on Instagram?

To define mathematically, the engagement rate for an Instagram post is the sum of the number of real IG likes and comments garnered for the post divided by the number of followers the page has. The engagement rate is not a term that has been coined by the developers of Instagram nor does it affect the functioning of an account in any way. It is a metric useful for a business operating an account to analyze the response they have garnered and plan the next steps.

Its importance

Instagram engagement is crucial if the account is being operated for promotional purposes. The number of real IG likes and comments the posts from that account garners, helps maintain the business purpose of the user.

Calculating the engagement rate of a post gives the user an idea about how the content from the account is integrating and becoming popular with the masses. As stated previously, it is not a term that has been coined by the Instagram developers.

The average engagement rate for an Instagram account ranges from 1% to 5%. An engagement rate for an account within this range or in any percentage would be interpreted in a way in which the user of the account finds suitable.

In common knowledge, a good engagement rate means the posts have been liked by the masses and are popular among them.


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How to maintain a good engagement rate? 

To maintain a good engagement rate on Instagram a user needs to follow the following instructions. Abiding by them helps boost the number of real IG likes and comments the posts from the account gains.

  1. Timing the posts perfectly. The content of the posts should be in sync with the trending topics among the masses at that point in time.
  2. Using proper and creative hashtags ensures the account gets the attention of masses. Make the hashtags an amalgamation of simple, common lingo and the content of the posts.
  3. Instagram offers the features of stories that remain visible for 24 hours and appear on top of the screen. Making use of this feature ensures you catch attention almost immediately when a user logs in on Instagram.
  4. Using marketing across various mediums like radio, advertisements enables word of your account to reach the masses more fluently.

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