Easy Tips for Growing a YouTube Audience

Do you have a channel on YouTube? If you have a channel, then, of course, you want to keep the majority of viewers in each video that you upload, especially for you. Want to earn some revenue from YouTube? You need to upload a new video to become a YouTube Partner always. However, some steps need to be taken if you want to “sell” your video and want your video to be viewed by many people. If there were a lot of people who liked to watch the videos you updated, you could get more. The following are some handy tips that can be developed, especially for those who own a YouTube channel.

1. Make SEO Friendly Video. As required in a blog or website, SEO (search engine optimization) is also essential for cultivating your YouTube channel. If you have created a video that is easy to find through search engines, you will have more chances to get traffic. In this case, the keys are on the title and tags of your video. You have to create a title that is easy to remember, and you need to consider the mistakes that people make when looking for something.

2. Improve the description box. This means that you must provide as much information as possible in the description section of your video. You can write everything about people who are involved in video, location and more. You can also attach several synchronization links to it.

3. Attract other people and comment. If you explicitly ask, other people will be prompted to leave a comment or like your video. If that was possible, you could give an interesting question in the comment column. The other thing is you can do is make the bumper at the end of every video you upload.

4. Create a very interesting thumbnail. Generally, after you finish uploading the video, you can select one of three thumbnails. In this case, you can create select thumbnails. You can get used to the best frame of video editing application used. Then, edit it with Photoshop, adjust the contrast, colour saturation, and more so you get the best image. Then, you can upload this thumbnail to a recent video that you have already uploaded.

5. Create a playlist. Creating a playlist is a different idea to select different videos and make them into one channel.thats great way to attract a lot of people as the video can be played automatically in the next video.

6. Use annotation. You can use annotations and direct viewers to one of your playlists to attract as many people to your video as they like. Annotations can be a good source of traffic. You can try and practice it and get the result.


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