Donald Trump faces criticism over telling of the murder of Qasim Suleimani

US President Donald Trump tells the story of a dinner organized by Republicans to raise money for the murder of Iranian general Qasim Suleimani in the drone attack.

According to a report by Reuters, a foreign news agency reported that according to the audio received by CNN, he dramatically narrated the situation in the White House station room over the murder of Qasim Suleimani.

The US president recounted the story in the Ballroom of the Mara A Lugo Club in Palm Beach, Florida, where $ 100 million was raised during Donald Trump’s fundraising event held in 2020.

Journalists were not allowed to attend the event.

CNN said it received audio citing Trump’s remarks.

It is to be remembered that on January 3, the United States executed a drone in Iraq and killed the Iranian general, after which Iran responded and launched missile attacks on the US military base in Iraq.

According to Donald Trump, he was told by military officials, “They are here together Sir, Sir they have 2 minutes 11 seconds to live, they are in the car in an armoured car, Sir they have only one to live. Minutes, 30 seconds, 10, 9, 8 …. ‘.

He said, “Then suddenly there was a blast, Sir they are gone, now I bite”.

“I said where this person is, this was the last thing I heard from him,” Trump said.

It was a very detailed story that Donald Trump cited in the drone attack that few US lawmakers criticized because neither the US president nor his advisers had called the people Qasim Suleimani a “threat” to the US territory. With a statement of

CNN said that in the audio, Trump did not say how dangerous Qasim Suleimani was to him.

However, Donald Trump said that before Qasim Suleimani’s attack, Qasim was talking directly about our country, which allowed him to be assassinated.

“How long will we hear such nonsense, and how much we will hear,” he said.

Iranian general killed

It may be recalled that on January 3, Iran’s Qadis force chief Qasim Suleimani was killed in a US drone strike, after which Tehran threatened the United States with dire consequences.

Iran later fired 15 ballistic missiles at two military bases of the US and its allied forces in Iraq on January 8 in response to the death of Qasim Suleimani.

In addition, the Iranian-backed revolution cautioned the United States in stern words, saying that any action or aggression against Iran would result in more painful and vigorous reactions.

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