DNA of 5,700-year-old ‘gum’ Reveals What Looks Like Ancient Woman

Fossil is not the only source of ancient human DNA from bones and teeth.

Researchers reported December 17 in Nature Communications, that genetic material also clings to the Birch pitch “cheongsam”, which can be found in long-dead people’s genetic education books, or enough DNA to collect the genome. Is. After analyzing a 5,700-year-old chewing vod from Denmark, the team acquired the genome of an ancient woman and determined that she had eyes, dark skin and dark hair.

Ancient humans have heated the bark’s bark – to make its elastic, working cells deep in the mouth adhesive. Birch’s pitch is relatively resistant to bacteria and viruses, as well as water, which could have prevented DNA from collapsing, researchers say.

The team also recovered DNA from the microbes that may have been in the woman’s mouth, including older versions of the Epstein Barr virus, which cause monocytosis, and bacteria that cause pneumonia or gum disease. Can cause Duck and hazelnut DNA was also identified and may have been eaten by a recent meal that a woman ate before throwing a piece of dirt into her mouth.

Scientists find fossils of tooth decay in human teeth from microorganisms (SN: 10/4/17) (SN: 3/4/17), a geneticist at the University of Copenhagen. “But it’s been built for many years,” says study expert Hans Schroeder. “With Cheongsam, it’s like a snapshot of the moment.”


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