These twin rovers might explore the moon together one day

The astronauts are not the only ones who have to work together on future mission missions.

When humans are working to return to the moon with steps such as NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to land the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024, researchers are developing robots that will discover these astronauts. And these robots also have to cooperate.

In a move intended to support the future of robotics research, the European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Development Element (TDE) program has partnered with French technology company Comics to develop a two-year project called Trailer, Which will test how well the two robots can work together on future lunar missions.

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Through the trailer, researchers will develop a collaborative system that includes two rovers that will be controlled remotely from the rotating station of the earth or the moon, such as the lunar eclipse, ESA officials said in a statement. Like the circulation platform gateway, ESA officials said in a statement. Working with the autonomy and guidance of remote controllers, the rover will work together to find resources and elements to support the human presence on the moon.

The two rovers that will be tested together as part of the trailer are known as tractors and vans. From the initial image released by ESA (above), they have unique rolling abilities and lights to help them find luminous dark corners.

ESA officials have described the tractor as “agile and powerful.” In addition to the local wireless transceiver in the rover, local motion and navigation technology are available to receive remote instructions, short-term energy storage and sample acquisition systems that facilitate the collection of resources while travelling to the moon.

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The van, which ESA calls an “active trailer”, has limited locomotion and navigation capabilities compared to the tractor. However, it has most of the power generation and storage and a local wireless network that will enable Rover to hold a scientific lab to support remote sample collection and analysis, ESA officials said in the statement. ۔

The trailer is led by the French technology company Comics, Germany’s Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Robotics Innovation Center (DFKIRIC) and Austria-based Lekifer Systems Group.

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