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Jan 27, 2020 by William Lewis.

Although Blu-ray on Blu-ray is still a pre-order (Amazon) in most parts of the world, the 25th anniversary edition of the David Lynch film has already hit the shelves in Belgium and the Netherlands. Thanks to Steeles uploaded by member Joe Joyce, we can look back at some of the 11 deleted scenes that can be described in detail. Frank hit Willard at once. A neighbor sees Jeffrey's father unconscious in his yard. Jeffrey was withdrawn from college when his father suffered a mental hemorrhage. Called from a school dance (where he sees abuse in history -!) Jeffrey receives bad news on a dorm phone. Jeffrey calls Louis. Jeffrey first saw Sandy eating cake with her mother. He also now meets Sandy's boyfriend Mike. Jeffrey and Sandy go to the Slow Club. Jeffrey's mother criticized him when he returned home late. Jeffrey calls Louis again. Jeffrey speaks to Barbara before leaving. Jeffrey haunts Mike by hanging out with a couple at the Williams home. Jeffrey calls Dorothy but it's Frank who answers the phone. Jeffrey went to Dorothy's apartment. She leads Jeffrey to the roof of the apartment. Dorothy almost throws herself off the roof in a world of despair. They love They also included the following information about the length of the extras and the resolution of the video display. Documentary: Mystery Love (480i) Newly discovered lost footage (51:53, 1080p) Some Out Taxes (01:33, 1080p) Sussell and Ebert "in the movies" (1986) (480i) Vignettes (480i) Trailer (1080p) / TV Spot (480i)