Damon Lindelof Talks Alien Zero

The history of Ridley Scott’s Promises was a bit complicated. The film initially debuted as a direct part of Scott Allen and is about to become the first sci-fi movie in 25 years. However, after bringing in Demon Lindelof (Lost, Star Trek) to rewrite John Spights’ script, the project was suddenly called “an original story,” though Scott maintained that fans were “on the way.” Can find. Alien’s DNA in the new movie. ” Still confused? Recently, Lindelof appeared on the fantastic Kevin Pollock’s chat show and spoke at length about the origin of Prometheus and its relationship with the foreign universe. Jump to read what he has to say

Damon-lindelof-image Kevin Pollock’s Chat Show is a web-based series of lengthy and censored interviews. Her guests include Jon Hamm, Matthew Perry, Diana Carvey, Jason Reitman, Rob Reiner and many more. The low-key atmosphere and time-limited format do not provide the opportunity for some incredibly interesting and candid conversations, as was the case with Damien Lindelof’s case last weekend.

The good folks at Slash Film have copied Lindelof’s comments about Protheus, which he begins by explaining what he thinks should be the best approach for a prosecutor:

“It started out as an alien adventurer. That’s what everyone wanted. Obviously, since Blade Runner, Ridley Scott hasn’t made a science fiction movie in 25 years, so the idea that he’s a genius I’m coming back. But there is a real problem – what is the status of the Alien franchise at this point in our lives? Alien vs. Predator and all that stuff, and it has been completely and completely dissolved. Has always felt that there should be really good films – and those prequels should not result in films that already exist because, for anyone who does not make them, With humor, but why would you ruin the biggest turning point in cinema history, “Luke, I’m Your Father” by showing me three films that are surprisingly bad. Wars do happen before, but I don’t have to watch the story of the Sky Walker tribe. Show me something else I can’t predict the possible outcome. There is no suspension to be inevitable. But the events of the original movie should go on, but it should be about something completely different, featuring different characters. , Should be a different theme altogether, though it happens in this world. That was my basic feeling of what this movie wanted to be.

Ridley is moving forward to clarify his contribution to the Scott-Image Lando script.

“And to be truthful, it was not strictly a doctor on the script, because the draft that was available before I came was written by this guy named Jon Spots and it was great. And there were a lot of things in the movie, Protheus. , Which was June Spots and I think in the media reconstruction of this story, the story is that I come, I draw a brand new story, and this is the real thing, everything else is thrown away. And that’s what we are doing. In my mind, that was not the case. But I also think that this movie is a movie that I wanted to see as a fan boy. Oh, it happens in the Alien universe, which is before the real Alien, but it doesn’t have to be face-to-face with all the tropes of this franchise, and cheeses barristers, and all that stuff. Like … but like that, we’ve seen it before, can we do something different this time? And he plays the movie that Ridley wanted to make. And when you’re working with an Oyster, you Basically just close their mouth and listen and try to imitate and imitate the person’s vision, and get out of the way. “

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