7 Apps that Can Help Improve Cybersecurity in Your Business

The biggest data breaches of 2019 should give you legitimate reasons to be concerned. Even large companies with a huge budget were not spared from the wrath of hackers. With this, it is important to implement the best cybersecurity practices within the organization. Among others, one thing that can help is to use the right apps, including those on our list below.

1. Training Apps

Invest in cybersecurity training applications. They will redefine instruction delivery and design in an organization. It is a great alternative to traditional in-classroom training programs. With the right training apps, employees can access modules anytime and anywhere to learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

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2. Network Analyzer Apps

Cyber networks can pose serious threats to your business. To prevent this from happening, you will benefit from installing and using network analyzer apps. As the name implies, it evaluates the network at the microscopic level, providing useful insights. This analysis will help detect suspicious activity to uncover risks before they can paralyze your business.

3. Password Manager Apps

The best password managers will also be instrumental in promoting cybersecurity in organizations. This will help generate strong and unique passwords that will be almost impossible for anyone to guess. Aside from coming up with random passwords, it can also be a secure platform for storing passwords.

4. Anti-Virus Apps

Using an anti-virus app or software is one of the simplest ways to get rid of cyber-attacks. It shields your business from risky downloads, infectious emails, and dangerous websites, among others that can be a cause of data breach or other security problems.


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5. Encryption Apps

While there are many ways to protect online business documents, one of the best is the use of encryption tools. This is important in making sure that it will be opened only by authorized people. Even if information gets in the wrong hands, they won’t be able to open it because the file is encrypted. This promotes digital privacy protection.

6. Email Protection Apps

Email is 1 of the most popular forms of business communication. Without the right email protection apps, it can be prone to serious issues, such as phishing attacks. Using an email security app will help to detect frauds and spam. It automatically filters emails to make sure there are no potential threats.

7. Ad Blocker Apps

Ads can be informative, but they can also be annoying. They pop-up randomly, and at times, it can be tempting to click on them. However, they can also be security threats. If employees click these ads, hackers can penetrate your business network. To prevent this from happening, it would be best to invest in apps that will block ads.

Prioritize business security by using the apps listed above. They will help protect your data from cyber-attacks. They will also spare you from spending a fortune for resolving problems that could have been prevented with the right app!

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