Corded vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. What is better?

There are a handful of things that make the difference between a carded vs cordless vacuum cleaner. These are the things you ought to consider before purchasing the best cordless stick vacuum.

Things You Should Know About Corded and Cordless Vacuum Cleaners:

  1. Price Range:

The 1st thing that should be considered is your budget, or how much you are ready to pay for the machine. Both types differ in the price range.


Corded vacuum cleaners are older models, are oftentimes cost lower than cordless ones. This is because there are so many models available.


Cordless stick vacuums usually cost higher than corded ones. But, there are still different price points available in these machines.

  1. Ergonomics:

The ergonomics of a vacuum cleaner play a huge role in the user experience. The machine should not compromise the user’s posture.


Corded vacuum cleaners often cause trouble for people, as they have to bend down and even move according to the wire’s length.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are the best in terms of ergonomics. They are highly versatile and can be used as per user convenience.

  1. Suction Power:

It is the quality that actually defines how well a vacuum cleaner works. Strong machines have better cleaning power than others.


Corded vacuum cleaners are plugged into direct power sources, and they often have good suction power. That power is not reduced.


Cordless vacuum cleaners have batteries installed in them, which is why they may lose their suction power with a passing time of use.

  1. Battery Life:

The batteries installed in vacuum cleaners represent how long the machine can be used. They vary from low to high usage time.


Corded vacuum cleaners do not have batteries installed in them. That’s the reason that they do not have any power-related issues.


Cordless vacuum cleaners have batteries installed inside them. They are their main source of power. Consider the battery’s capacity before the purchase.

  1. Dust Capacity:

The dust capacity is a very important quality of the machine. It shows how much dust can be held inside the bag.


Corded vacuum cleaners are larger in size, thus have comparatively bigger dust bags, with larger capacities of dust that can be accumulated.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are made for the ease of the user. They have a range of small to medium-sized dust bags.

  1. Machine’s Life:

The life of the machine is basically how long the vacuum cleaner is able to work for you in a functional way. 

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These are older models. They were famous for their longevity, and durability. Still, different products have different qualities, and how long they work.


Cordless vacuum cleaners can be short-lived. But, the price point defines a lot of qualities, and they also include the life of the vacuum cleaner.


Corded and cordless vacuum cleaners both have different qualities. It depends on what your necessity is, and your budget.

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