Common Troubles on Android Phones and How to Fix It!

Every technology brings us different services every day. At the same time, it brings up some minor issues and challenges. It can’t be any different from handsets that use Android as an operating system, right? Some problems are common to all Android devices and are easy to fix

The Android phone or tablet defective: what to do with a battery that lasts a while?

Cheap chargers can be a great way to compensate for weak battery in your home, car or workplace. If these options are ignored, you may be able to resolve another battery issue that expires very quickly:

1. Off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when its not in use

2. Close any requests you are not using

3. Decrease screen brightness

4. Reduce the number of apps that display notifications on your Android.

Android issues with your Google account

Sync Google account data primarily with your mobile phone, and vice versa. Start by checking if you have an active data connection by:

1. Make sure your device receives a good signal.

2. Make sure your device can run online (visit a site through a browser).

3. Make sure the “Auto Sync” feature is enabled (Settings -> Count -> Google)

If that still doesn’t work, delete your Google Account data on your device and restart.

Common Android Problems and Solutions

Some minor issues can worsen your experience with Android, but you can fix most of it yourself, for example, you can recover deleted videos on Android.

Problems with social networking apps on Android

First off all, make sure you have the latest version of the social network application. If there is a new version of the application, download and restart Android. If the error persists, clear application cache or personal application data in Settings -> Applications -> Application Name -> Clear Cache / Personal Data. Try again.

Memory warning on Android is gone.

Unfortunately, if you’re running low on memory, you’re running out of mind in your Android cellphone. You will be need to delete some videos, photos, and apps. You can buy memory cards for your phone, and you can also use cloud services to free up some memory from the device, freeing up storage space.

Android phone display issues

There are two types of display problems: those caused by the user and those that are factory defective. Otherwise, moving the devices to a competent service centre will solve the problem. In the first case, user-related loss (drops, humidity, water, effects, usage time, etc.), we have some advice (suitable for phones and tablets that cost more than one minimum wage) ):

1. If this equipment is new (1 year) and you can still use it: keep using it arrange for repairs as soon as possible, so it will not be that expensive.

2. If the device is already old (more than one year old) and can still use: Continue to use and only provide repairs if you find a reasonable price.

3. If the unit is new (1 year) and cannot use: repair.

4. If the equipment is older (more than one year) and you cannot use it: it depends on the cost of the repair. If it costs more than half of a new handset, it is not worth it.

Apps do not work on Android

The first step to troubleshoot apps that don’t work on Android is to reboot the device. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try deleting and reinstalling the application, so you have the latest version of the app. You may need to recover the data, and you can use Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery.

Android phone or tablet is crashing too much

When Android is hitting too much, it could be because you’re consuming too much storage. To clear the memory cache on Android, you can download the Task Management application (Task Manager), or you can manually remove the app by making Settings -> Applications -> Application Name -> Cache. Are.


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