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Travel Guide to the Chichen Itza

Jan 20, 2020 by William Lewis.

This is named ONE of the seven wonders OF THE WORLD by UNESCO, Chichen Itza has the most incredible story to advise to every one of its travellers. Close to the pyramid, you can appreciate numerous things to do, for example, swimming in cenotes and guided visits to the uninhabited regions that you can’t miss. You can likewise get familiar with the historical backdrop of this unbelievable archaeological site that, for a long time, has kept numerous riddles that to date have not found by any stretch of the imagination.

Things about Chichen Itza you should know before your visit

One of the focuses that must be clear is that Chichen Itza isn’t in the Riviera Maya. If not excessively, this zone is a piece of Yucatan and is near urban communities like Valladolid and Merida. It’s one of the most visited archaeological destinations in the entirety of Mexico, as it has an unrivalled recorded and engineering lavishness. The pyramid has 365 stages, one for every day of the year, as indicated by the Mayan sun based schedule. Societies around the globe exceptionally perceived the Mayan quality because of his broad information on science and architecture. Its name originates from how they alluded to the Itzaes or shamans around then. Chi was identifying with Boca, Che’ en importance wells. Itz, which means Witch and Há, was alluding to water; this together is the mouth of the well of the water witches, alluding to the close by cenotes (which are not many kilometres from the pyramid). This pyramid was utilized for the Mayan culture to make summons to their divine beings (Mainly to Kukulcan, by which the pyramid gets its name). It was viewed as a door to the black market for the Mayan culture. Numerous archaeologists have discovered that beneath the monument is a cenote, the equivalent of which the Mayas knew. So they made the development of the landmark in this spot. The pyramid estimates 55 meters for each side and 24 meters high; the Mayas assembled this pyramid speaking to the four cardinal focuses and the passage to the black market that spoke to for them the ceibas that develop in the zone. It is accepted that this pyramid was assembled more than one thousand fifty-six years back, This is, the year 960 A.D.

Chichen Itza most visited archaeological zone in Mexico after the Tachiohakan.

How to get there

You can get a Playa del Carmen Car Rental by City Car Rental, this also returns at the time you want and visit the nearby cenotes that surround such an impressive archaeological zone.   Read More: Five Places Must Visit in Paris

What to do in Chichen Itza

Visit this spot the equinox; so, you can go on March 21 and September 21, where the shadow of the feathered snake will show up and vanish with the fall of the sun. The light and sound show is an action that several individuals sit tight for each time they travel to this archaeological site. Since, during the evenings, you can affirm a fantastic show that features the excellence of the region and the pyramid while they recount to the old Mayan tale about the development of this magnificent marvel of humankind. Become familiar with the function and the ball game (Pokolpok) performed by the Mayas in pre-Columbian America a little more than 3,500 years prior, this was utilized in times long past to settle questions and as a strict occasion between men of culture. Become more acquainted with the Observatory of the site; you will cherish its structure. On the off chance that you watch it all together of guided visits, you will have the option to comprehend its importance and celestial reason. As you read previously, Mayas utilized numerology and space science to construct, sow, collect, and perform ceremonies for strict purposes. You can likewise become familiar with the “Serie Inicial,” a region that isn’t yet open to the general population; however, you can see very close and respect the enormity of its general development.