Charlize Theron on Vickers

On the off chance that you watched Prometheus this end of the week, you most likely went with a lot of inquiries. In the event that you haven’t seen Prometheus yet, you likely won’t have the matter of perusing this post except if you need to ruin the film totally and totally.

Caution! Follow the discussion about privateers spoilers …

Probably the greatest inquiry that I exited with was Pro Virtuos … For what reason was the careful unit in the job of Charles Thorne’s Meredith Wickers that no one but men can walk? Supporters state they ought to get the gadget with them an instance of a crisis, yet the innovation is customized for male physiology as it were.

You think the main thing going on here is that she’s lying, and this is in actuality the job of Guy Pierce’s wildland character. Has been brought… and that bodes well. Be that as it may, why not make it a program for both genders since Meredith was plainly in control and perhaps she could do it in the event that she picked.

Most likely on the grounds that it just deals with people and Meredith was not one.

In an ongoing meeting with Slashfilm Theron, it was said that his character would really be a robot-like Michael Fassbender’s David.

We played with a lot of things, that is all I would state, insignificant things. I don’t think we’ve at any point been that way. It was a bit, however certainly something that once happened to David and me together, where I began to feel like his beams were deserting my beams. Here’s a decent age-old inquiry like, ‘Is there a chicken before the egg?’ Like, is it or is it me or is it part of my DNA?

We discussed it a ton, it’s a delight that we both like to have something uncertain about the inceptions, perhaps, for what reason do we look so indistinguishable? For what reason am I running this way? Am I an android or have I given it human highlights, that I gave it my DNA? We played a ton with this wreckage, which was enjoyable.

It doesn’t feel like his android download was ever something that he especially settled on during a recording, perhaps simply something he left open as a plausibility. That would bode well since Meredith is the little girl of Welland and he considers android David a child.

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