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Do not Buy Used iPhone Until You Read This!

Jan 14, 2020 by William Lewis.

Do not buy used iPhone until you read this! We understand that buying a used iPhone is tricky; that’s why we have decided to help you with some essential tips so that you can get a good deal and avoid future headaches. Just continue reading. The iPhone had been a love of many people, and today, almost everyone wants to own one. However, these handsets are not as cheap as you may think. If you want to buy one without breaking the bank, you are then going for a used one maybe your best option. However, if you are not buying from a trusted person, either a family member or a friend or a shop like Fone Store, you might need to be careful. While many online platforms sell used electronics, you also need to know what things you should look into before you decide to buy from them. The good thing about buying used iPhones is that it saves you some cash at the same time giving you value for your money. Here are a few things to check before you buy one.

Identify what type of iPhone is suitable for your needs

When you visit any online platform or physical mobile phone stores, you will be overwhelmed by the number of handsets you will see. To make your search simple, you need to know the type of iPhone you want beforehand. There are different models of iPhone, and so, if you have decided to buy a used one, you need to know the model that is perfect for you. Once you know the model, you will find it easy to purchase. Proceed to the next point to know what you should do next.

Buy a used iPhone that is supported by your carrier

While all network service providers support every iPhone model from iPhone 5 and above, you need to understand that AT&T requires an extra LTE signal whereas other networks don’t require. Two models of iPhone are compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon network services providers and these are iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Therefore, if you are buying an iPhone that is supported by Verizon and your carrier is AT&T, it may not be possible to get the extra LTE signal. Note that AT&T only licenses the extra LTE signal, but its users are few compared to other signals. So, ensure to check well and ensure the iPhone is compatible with your carrier before buying it.

Ensure to buy from a genuine person

When purchasing a used or refurbished iPhone, you need to make sure the seller has not stolen it somewhere. Apple uses an Activation Lock tool to bar users from using stolen phones. In the past, you could just check on the company website for Activation Lock Status of an iPhone, but currently, this provision was removed, and this could make it difficult for users to know if someone is using their stolen phone. Note that if the iPhone you are buying a stolen phone, it is possible that the owner had blocked, so it will be useless to you. Now to know if the phone is stolen, you need to check the phone’s IMEI. Every phone has its own unique IMEI. You may find it either on the exterior or right after you remove the battery. Using the IMEI, you can know whether the phone you are buying is stolen or not.   Read More: How to Recover iPhone Passcode Without Losing Data

Verify if carriers do not block the iPhone

Don’t think that because you have found the right iPhone model you are good to buy it. You need to contact the phone company to find out if they can activate the phone.

Confirm the status of the battery

The iPhone battery isn’t detachable, so it’s not easy for users to replace it, therefore, ensure to check whether the phone has a good battery before you buy it. A slightly used iPhone may have a decent battery although not strong, ensure to ask the seller to know about the battery life and find out whether they can replace it before you purchase it.

Check for damages on the exterior of the iPhone

It is possible to find a used handset with wear and tear and scratches on either side, but if you find extreme scratches on the screen and the camera lens or any sort of hardware damage, you need to be careful. Inspect the phone thoroughly to detect any hardware damage that could cause future problems before you buy it.

Final advice

Buying a new iPhone can be a costly affair. Note that iPhones last longer than any other phone model, so even if you buy a used one, you will still get value for your money. However, you need to observe the tips above.