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Jan 30, 2020 by William Lewis.

Are you wondering if the appearance of your online store has an impact on your sales? The answer is simple and probably won't surprise you - yes, it does. BUILT ONLINE STORE Check, how you can improve your sales with a few simple improvements! You only make the first impression once. Do it the best you can The popular saying about making a good first impression has a lot of truth in it and do not be deluded that the internet is different. It's exactly the same! Your potential customers can be picky because they have at their disposal a whole range of competitive offers. Which affects a good first impression Undoubtedly, modern and nicely designed websites of online stores have a clear graphic layout on the site. Minimalism and minimizing the number of additions are highly valued. Bet on expressive headlines, eye-catching slogans, and give up long blocks of text that nobody will want to read anyway.  Remaining on the first impression layer, remember not to overdo the number of colours on the page. The colourful, variegated menu has long gone out of fashion and is not about to return. Choose one or two theme colours for your online store, and keep the rest in subdued related shades. If you want to be sure that the work in this area will be done perfectly, use web design services. Mega Menu - convenience for your store's customers Are you wondering if such a large, expandable menu will spread more traffic to your store's website? So now imagine, that you are entering a store and already, at the very beginning of the aisle, you have written out where each product stands. What's more, each product has a reliable and transparent description, which of course helps you make your choice and purchase. Replacing the regular menu with Mega Menu in WordPress is fabulously easy and it is done automatically after you change your settings in the right places. Chatbots - irreplaceable help when you can't answer your client immediately Customers can come to the online store at any time of the day or night, are you ready for it? The specificity of the online store is based on the fact that it is open around the clock and every day of the week. This solution allows your customers to shop whenever they want it. However, what to do at the moment when the customer asks you a question and you are busy at that time and you have no way to answer?    Read More: You should do this to Make Money Through the Wix Website Chatbots will come to the rescue and they will solve this for you. Chatbots will communicate with the client by providing comprehensive answers to most of the questions regarding your store's offer. The solution with chatbots is an investment that certainly recommends web design services. How to easily increase the credibility of your online store Even the best and most accurately written product description cannot replace a laconic two or three sentences written by a satisfied customer. Comments from satisfied users are very valuable, so allow your customers to add product reviews and ratings. You will find that satisfied customers are the best advertisement that can happen to your online store.