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Jan 30, 2020 by William Lewis.

The primal need for breast augmentation surgery is to enhance physical appearance. However, the need solely arises due to brewing complexity in most cases. The surgical procedure involves upliftment and implantations that give the breasts a fuller and bulkier appearance. In most cases, with age, a number of women experience saggy breasts, whereas in other cases, candidates with petite breasts want to resort to therapeutic procedures, such as augmentation mammoplasty. Performed by proficient cosmetic surgeons, the surgery requires the use of tissue implants or saline implants or silicone implants, depending on the extent of the procedure needed. Thus, having a desired physical appearance directly helps in boosting the candidate's self-confidence and affects their psychology in various other ways. 

a. What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery involves reshaping or reconstruction of breasts in candidates who experience sagginess, asymmetry or have undergone recent trauma that has affected the physical appearance of the breasts. In general, the breasts undergo physical changes post-pregnancy, sudden weight loss or underlying health conditions. It may result in asymmetry, loss of volume or loss of firmness of Cooper's muscles resulting in an unpleasant appearance. In such cases, a huge number of women adopt to aesthetic measures and opt for reconstruction surgeries. Breast augmentation involves surgical procedures with or without the use of implants (natural or artificial) and helps in restoring the volume or firmness of the breasts. In women who have petite breasts naturally, the procedure is highly helpful in furnishing voluminous breasts with a single procedure.

Breast augmentation can be broadly subdivided into three categories, which re:

● Subglandular ● Submuscular ● Subpectoral b. Breast Implants: Expectations vs Reality

Breast implants are either natural or artificial. Where the former is mostly tissue implants, the latter can be divided into:

● Saline implants: Implants filled with sterilized water ● Silicone implants: Implants filled with silicone In either case, the breast implants are advertised of the “gummy bear” texture. Aesthetic surgeons highly swear by the “expected” longevity of the implants and often suggest that the implants are not prone to any kind of rupture. The fact that implants do not get ruptured even after poked with heels, and can withstand the physical strain, is in reality, a myth. In reality, the implants can get ruptured even without sustaining any kind of physical strain. Irrespective of the duration it stays inside the body, the rupturing of implants is pretty common, with loss of the initial consistency. Apart from that, the implants are also prone to “leakage” of the fluids which may or may not cause physical harm to the body. 

c. Body Image Issues

Most of the candidates undergoing aesthetic surgeries struggle with body image issues, both prior and post-procedures. The subject of concern can be either psychological or physiological, which is why, in most cases, surgeons recommend the candidates to counsellors in extreme cases. Physical body image issues mostly result from inferiority complexes which are mostly inculcated due to bullies or past incidents. Several professional fields such as modelling that demand a near-perfect physical appearance, reject candidates based on body shapes and sizes. Rejection is such cases can also trigger body image issues. This may result in severe or recurring depression leading to loss of appetite, weight loss, mood swings, and several other related issues.

d. Cost of Breast Implants (Countries Included: South Korea, Thailand, India, Turkey, Czech Rep.)

  Read More:   How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally. One of the first things to consider before availing an aesthetic surgical procedure is determining the cost of the procedure. The cost of cosmetic surgeries varies to a great extent, depending on a number of factors. The type of surgery and the number of procedures required, medical facilities availed, experience and proficiency of the surgeons operating and the multispecialty healthcare benefits availed are some of the key determining factors. Besides, the country where the candidate is seeking medical assistance is also important. This is because the major countries like the United States and the United Kingdom charge exaggerated amounts for the same medical facilities offered by developing countries at a much affordable rate. Countries like Thailand and India are enriched with medical supremacy for decades and centuries to count. Such expertise and affordable breast augmentation cost in India offered attracts thousands of candidates from across the world. Hence, here is a list of countries that offer impressive breast reconstruction surgeries are: ● South Korea: $3600 ● Turkey: $4100 ● India: $1500 ● Thailand: $2700 ● Czech Republic: $2620 However, one must also remember that the costs may vary as per the extent of procedure required and various other facilities availed.